New Fall Out Boy Podcast: Pete and Patrick vrs. The Cobra Morning Show

In a new podcast, available for free on iTunes, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy are interviewed by “Mad Dog” and “Billy Blaze” of WCOB’s Cobra Morning show.

Is it just me, or do Mad Dog and Billy Blaze sound really, really familiar to anyone else? It’s like I know them from somewhere

Anyway, Pete and Patrick confirmed they’ll be playing some small club shows in the US in the near future to promote their forthcoming album Folie a Deux. They also talked briefly about the album’s title and shared a “crazy” road story involving Pete driving their bus while the merch guy got a Coke. Or did some coke. Or hit on their merch girl. I’m still a little confused about the exact events.

Also? For some reason I’m now reaaaaaally tempted to go to Uruguay

Check out the podcast and leave your thoughts, feelings, and Uruguayan travel plans in the comments!