Pete Wentz’s F’NMTV Saved the Music Video…for Awhile

So, it was reported yesterday that MTV’s Total Request Live will finally come to an end this November. This will mean that one of MTV’s vehicles for at least playing clips from music videos will be gone from the airwaves. The show has been an integral part of MTV’s programming since it’s debut in 1998, and I can still remember when I’d rush home from school to see who had hit number one (and we’ll pretend I didn’t used to cheer for the Backstreet Boys. Because that was just embarrassing).

But simultaneously with the announcement of TRL’s cancellation, it appears that MTV’s overnight block of music videos has strangely disappeared from the airwaves. This means that, roughly a week after an awards show that honors music videos, MTV has all but stopped showing music videos completely.

There’s a bright spot, though. A ray of hope. F’NMTV, Pete Wentz’s music video and live performance show, is slated to return later this fall. During it’s initial run, the show premiered videos from the likes of the Gym Class Heroes, Snoop Dogg, Hawthorne Heights and Pink, as well as displayed some classic music videos chosen by the artists. It also became an integral part of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, as nominees were announced each week during the show’s broadcast.

But one hour a week isn’t going to save the music video on MTV. And while Wentz has been an enthusiastic and capable host, he’s also got a band, a record label and a clothing line to worry about…and bigger than that, he’s about to be a father! Wentz is going to need time to be with his wife and child as well as to record and tour with his band.

I, however, propose a solution. An hour a week isn’t going to save the music video. But, an hour every evening? That might just be a step in the right direction. MTV should do what it does best: take an idea they had that worked and rip it off non-stop. Imagine, every night of the week, a themed music video show hosted by an appropriate celebrity…or wanna be celebrity.

Come on! A dance-themed video show hosted by Gabe Saporta! Perez Hilton’s “Scandalous Videos” could focus on videos that were considered taboo or groundbreaking when they were first released. Tila Tequila’s “Shot at Love” could be redone into an hour of her introducing the sexiest videos in music video history. And “Girls Rock” with NewAgeAmazon would be a show filled with revisiting of classic female artists as well as exposure for new ones.

Wait, how’d THAT get in there?

What do you think Buzznet? Have a suggestion for video shows? Leave ’em here!