‘Circus’: New Britney Spears Album in December!!!

Britney Spears is releasing her 6th studio album on her 27th birthday — which means December 2nd of this year! The first single off of Circus will drop a week from today and is called ‘Womanizer’ says MTV.

HELLZ YEAH. That’s 6 days before my birthday.

I have always been a fierce supporter of the BritneyBack campaign.

The only problem I have with this article? Perez Hilton quotes. The MS-Paint-tard commented on her (lack of) promotion for Blackout, saying “She may need to do much more to make Circus a success. She needs to do what’s involved [this time]. Do interviews, do a tour. Don’t release it until you’re ready to promote it.”

O RLY? I hope Britney sees that and throws some stale cheetos at him and is like, “STFU, you’re not my dad.” You know how a Cobra Starship fan made Gabe Saporta that shirt? The one that said “BECAUSE I’M GABE SAPORTA AND I CAN DO THAT”? Britney needs one. Stat.

Do yo’ thang, girl. Imma be right here sending you good vibes.