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#FBF 5 Unforgettable Grammy Performances

The 59th annual Grammy Awards is on January 28th! In a few short days, music’s biggest stars will gather together to see who gets snubbed and who earns a shiny trophy. Real talk – besides the red carpet fashion, we really tune in to see all the medleys, duets, and performance goodness. This year, we’re… More »

Stars Come Out To The Race To Erase MS Gala

I was so excited and honored to attend the Race To Erase MS gala last night, honoring Jack and Sharon Osborne. You guys know, my friend Courtney Galiano has MS, and I’m always down to support her struggle and help in anyway I can. We had the most wonderful time, and got to see tons… More »

Are Ballads A Dying Breed?


There’s something so special about a ballad. Maybe it’s the fact that they are so rare…

What Famous Blonde is Appearing in Fall Out Boy’s New Album?

Fall Out Boy has been known for colaborating with a large variety of artists, such as Kanye West, Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, Lil Wayne and Pharrell Wiliams. Earlier this week, Fall…

Keltie Colleen’s Oscar Adventure

Last night I finished off my very first awards season with omg!insider with the ever important Oscar Sunday! I was lucky enough to be asked to cover Sir Elton John‘s 21 st annual Oscar viewing party. There were so many highlights like meeting ELTON JOHN, who is beyond lovely, with such a calm energy, his… More »

Rachel’s Dads Are So Unexpected

Glee announced today, who they picked to play Rachel Berry’s dads in an upcoming episode. Lets just say that nobody saw this coming. Most of us gleeks were hoping for Elton John ( Who was…

Justin Timberlake to Play… Elton John?

What’s better than Justin Timberlake just doing music or Justin Timberlake just doing movies? Justin Timberlake doing music AND movies! And if all goes Elton John‘s way,…

Muppet Mondays: 5 Fantastic Guest Musical Numbers

With their return to the big screen on November 23rd, everyone’s talking Muppets.  And while they’ve done multiple films and appeared on TV for years, my favorite will probably always be the original Muppet Show

Lily Allen Writes ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ Musical, Elton John Approves!

Though we haven’t heard any music from Lily Allen in a while, she is hard at work writing a musical version of the hit British film “Bridget Jones’ Diary”.…

Matthew Morrison Scores Ultimate Duet With Elton John… And It’s NOT On ‘Glee’!

It’s a duet Will Schuester would be SO proud of: Glee‘s Matthew Morrison scored the ultimate duet partner in none other than Elton John for Matthew’s upcoming solo album! 

The two…

7 Greatest WTF! Grammy Moments Of All Time

Every awards show always has some kooky things occur, especially in the music biz. With the Grammy Awards this weekend, it’s almost a guarantee that something crazy or shocking is bound to happen that people…

Lily Allen Feels Bullied, Blogs About It

Lily Allen co-hosted the GQ Men of the Year Awards with Sir Elton John and they had some feisty chemistry. [cut=What happened was this…]


Rap and Rock and Roll: A Match Made in Heaven

So since it was reported that Fall Out Boy has collaborated with T.I. on a song that may or may not appear on his next album Paper Trail, I’ve…

Thursday Buzz 8/2

Shanna Moakler, role model? Well, sort of. (POTP)

Elton John hates on bloggers. Shut down the internet, psh. (IBBB)

Jessica Simpson’s “Blonde Ambition” might go straight to DVD….

Elton John Wants Internet Shut Down

Elton John wants the internet shut down because it is destroying music. The ‘Candle in the Wind’ singer believes cyberspace is stifling creativity and lowering the standards of popular music. He told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other from creating stuff. “Instead people sit…… More »

Music Stuff 3/16

Lily Allen apologizes for drunken rant. (pr-inside)Wait a minute, theres a band called Harry and the Potters?If you see Elton John live, you’re in danger of becoming gay. Riiiiiight. (dailymail)The dude from Linkin Park is…

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