7 Greatest WTF! Grammy Moments Of All Time

Every awards show always has some kooky things occur, especially in the music biz. With the Grammy Awards this weekend, it’s almost a guarantee that something crazy or shocking is bound to happen that people will be talking about next week – and in some cases, for years to come! The Grammys have seen a lot of wild and crazy things happen throughout the past 52 years (this year is the 53rd!). Here are some of the most WTF! Grammy moments of all time:

Jennifer Lopez: THE Dress

That dress… Need I say more? Jennifer Lopez wasn’t up for an award back in 2000, but then again, she didn’t need to be: the Donatella Versace dress she had on (well, more like DIDN’T have on) had people talking. This move arguably launched her from Jenny from the block to J.Lo.

Eminem & Elton John Hug It Out

The unlikely pair performed Eminem’s hit “Stan” in 2001 when Eminem was in the middle of heat for his “homophobic lyrics” and Elton was berated by protesters for teaming up with the controversial rapper. Nonetheless the performance went smoothly and the two even shared an embrace at the end. (Awwww!)

Bob Dylan Gets Soy Bombed

The 1998 Grammy Awards was Bob Dylan’s moment to shine: he was in top shape, with a critically acclaimed album and multiple Grammy nominations. His comeback performance took a bizarre turn during the awards show when a shirtless man jumped onto the stage and wiggled around with the phrase ‘Soy Bomb’ written across his chest. Dylan kept playing like nothing was happening.

ODB Interrupts Shawn Colvin

ODB was the OG Kanye who, 11 years prior, perfected the “I’mma let you finish…” stunt. Shawn Colvin was accepting her award, when all of a sudden ODB took the mic and went into a shpeal that started off with “I went and bought me a outfit today that costed a lot of money today, y’know what I mean, ‘cause I figured that Wu-Tang was gonna win” and went on to emphasize that “Wu-Tang is for the children; we teach the children.”

Teach the children what exactly, ODB??

M.I.A. Almost Gives Birth Performing Onstage

M.I.A. was nine months pregnant and pretty much ready to pop a baby out at any second during the 2009 Grammys. Still, the mama-to-be was a trooper and joined the boys Kanye, Jay-Z, Weezy and T.I. performing “Swagga Like Us.” Watching to see if she would give birth on live TV was almost as enticing as the epic performance itself!

Tupac Reunites Kiss

It wasn’t just the fact that they were sharing the stage with a rapper when Kiss presented along with Tupac Shakur at the 1996 Grammys. More like it was the first time the original four members of Kiss were all together and in costume since member Peter Criss left the group in 1980 – a 15-year hiatus! Wowzas.

Sir Elton John & Lady Gaga Team Up

What happens when you put a Sir and a Lady together? (Ew, not like that!) The answer: You get Gaga-fied, which is exactly what happened when Sir Elton John shared the stage with Lady Gaga at last year’s event. The two even wore matching sequined sunglasses. A perfect match, le sigh.

Which of these moments was your favorite? What wild & crazy Grammy moment would you add to the list?