Lily Allen Writes ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ Musical, Elton John Approves!

Though we haven’t heard any music from Lily Allen in a while, she is hard at work writing a musical version of the hit British film “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. The recently married mother-to-be told Elle Magazine, “I’m still writing. I’m just writing for other people. I’ve nearly finished a musical. I think it’ll be out sometime next year.”

Allen has been taking a break from music to spend more time at home, she says “I can’t commit to going on tour for seven months and leaving Sam. I really miss singing my songs to people and seeing the reaction on their faces. It’s one of the most special things you can do, or it was for me.”

Rock legend Elton John praised the 26-year-old singer, saying “That’s an incredibly exciting thing for her, an amazing step for an artist to write a full musical, especially one so young, but I think Lily is Britain’s best lyricist and she’s taken this mantle on which is not easy when you’re young.”

Do you have as much faith in Lily as Elton does? Would you like to see the “Bridget Jones” musical?