Christmas Kicks: Converse vs Vans

As we gear up towards the holidays, we can’t wait to wear anything that’s Santa Claus and candy cane related. Here’s a gallery of holiday themed shoes that we hope match the ugly sweaters we wear to every holiday party we get invited to. Which shoes would you rock?

Cyber Monday: The Best Deals For Cute Clothes And Cheap Electronics

Good morning fellow Buzznet-ers. Today is CYBER MONDAY, which means everyone too lazy to go shopping on Black Friday (or those of us who didn’t want to…

Get The Look Gals: Feat. Alex Gaskarth

Hey gals,

Due to the success of my last post featuring Kellin Quinn, I felt it was only necessary to keep this going! 

This post is about one of your faves, Alex Gaskarth! Now you can girlify…

Converse Style

It’s undeniable that sneakers are super trendy right now, and I LOVE this trend because I love being comfortable!! Converse are a classic footwear that will never go out of style, and there are SOOOO many different ways to style them! It doesn’t matter if you have more of a rocker style, a preppy style,… More »

Dancer Spotlight: Luke Broadlick

Reblogged from Brittany Lee

Hey guys, 

I wanted to do an artist spotlight on a pal of mine named Luke Broadlick. He is probably one…

Dancer Spotlight: Luke Broadlick

Hey guys, 

I wanted to do an artist spotlight on a pal of mine named Luke Broadlick. He is probably one of the best dancers I have ever seen and he is only at…

Pumped Up Kicks: The Many Colors & Designs of Converse All Stars

All Star Month is in full swing and what better way to rave about the things we love than with a gallery of some our favorite all-stars’ footwear: Converse All Stars! These rockin’ sneakers have been around since 1908 and have stayed in style for decades! With so many colors and designs to choose from,… More »

Hanna Beth Rocks Out To B52 At Her Prom!

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Mark Foster, Kimbra, and A-Trak: 3 Warriors, 1 Song

Mark Foster, (Foster The People) Kimbra, (Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” fame) and A-Trak have teamed up for a promotional song called “Warrior” for Converse and Journeys. I literally…

My Drive Thru – Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D produced by Pharrell

by N.E.R.D., Santogold and Julian Casablancas, produced by Pharrell

Potential “The Hills” Chuck Taylor Impresses Critics

Oh hey Converse. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about how much I admire your ability to stay classic in the face of an increasingly classless world. You are a slave to…

Wednesday Buzz 8/1

This Britney rumor can’t be true… can it? (IBBB)

Mary Kate Olsen + Owen Wilson? Oh no no no. (POTP)

Nicole Richie confirms shes 4 months pregnant. (Evil…

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