Get The Look Gals: Feat. Alex Gaskarth

Hey gals,

Due to the success of my last post featuring Kellin Quinn, I felt it was only necessary to keep this going!

This post is about one of your faves, Alex Gaskarth! Now you can girlify his look, maybe even rock it back to school!

Jacket: can’t go wrong with a good denim, it is a must have for every wardrobe! Here is a good one from Urban Outfitters!

Shirt: He is rocking a slight v neck t shirt but to make it more girly I would switch it up and do a cute white tank! This one is from Forever 21!

Flannel: Flannels are a go to for fall because as you see you can put it under a leather or a denim and it keeps you warm but keeps you fashionable. These you can get anywhere like a vintage store, the boys section or in this example, Urban Outfitters!

Pants: These are just a “worn” black denim you can get pretty much everywhere! This specific pair is from Pacsun!

Shoes: I would think a cute pair of high top black Converse would look amazing with this outfit but you can even do black combat boots!

Accessories: toss in a cute necklace some bracelets and sunnies and you’re golden! These are all from Forever 21!

Would you wear this outfit?

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