Potential “The Hills” Chuck Taylor Impresses Critics

Oh hey Converse. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about how much I admire your ability to stay classic in the face of an increasingly classless world. You are a slave to no trend, and your consummate Converse All Star with its clean lines and undrestated cool have sheparded the likes of The Ramones through punk rock history. So I was not at all surprised to hear whisperings of your latest collaboration with none other than Kristen, Audrina and co., as who else out there in popular culture is waving the DIY flag harder than our girls from The Hills? Don’t let their Ugg Boots and maxi-dresses fool you, these ladies represent the very essence of all that is cool. What is Heidi Montag if not punk rock? Converse, I salute you for once again having your finger on the pulse of fringe society.

(Via Crushable)