Dancer Spotlight: Luke Broadlick

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Hey guys,

I wanted to do an artist spotlight on a pal of mine named Luke Broadlick. He is probably one of the best dancers I have ever seen and he is only at the young age of 21!

To start you off here is a really cool interview he did where it talks about how he started!

Here’s a super cool spec he did for Converse!

Luke has accomplished so much already and has danced for huge names like Britney Spears, The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and most recently Justin Bieber!

Read more about him HERE!

Here is a realllly cool video from back in 2010 that blew me away…

Here is Luke on stage with the queen aka Britney Spears <3

Here is a more recent video of him doing his thang with Bieber!

Follow Luke on Twitter and keep an eye out for his Buzznet profile HERE

What video was your favorite?

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