12 GIFs That Explain How We Felt Watching Last Night’s Debate

Last night Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton faced off in their second presidential debate. As expected, it was a shit show. The drama, the scandals, the ridiculousness that makes you cringe and shudder and yell… it was all there in droves. If you’re still trying to make sense of it all, here are 12 GIFs that explain how we felt watching last night’s debate:

Before the darn thing even started, we were all:

When Trump started yelling about emails again:

When Hillary was all Trump “owes this country an apology”

When Trump called his sexist comments “Locker Room Talk”

When Trump said, “nobody has more respect for women than I do”

When Trump suggested all the moderators were against him:

When Hillary refused to discuss Bill Clinton’s sexual history:

When Trump said Hillary has “tremendous hate in her heart:

When Hillary said she wanted a supreme court that supports a women’s right to choose:

When the candidates actually said something nice to one another:

When it was all said and done and we could walk away:

When we realized we needed some help to mentally recover: