8 Reasons To Rock The F*cking Vote Today

Election day is here!  With all the wild presidential race turmoil, the Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump cage match is nearly over. Whether you’re really into one candidate or still trying to decide, the important part is that you VOTE! Here are 8 reasons to have to rock the fucking vote:

  1. It’s a glorious, glorious right & privilege. And the foundation of democracy!
  2. Snagging that “I Voted” sticker is the ultimate status symbol on election day.
  3. Most jobs allow you to take extra time away from work to get to the voting booth in time. BONUS.
  4. Think about all the lovely social media Snapchats and Instagrams you can post after filling out your ballot.
  5. This election matters. Don’t you want to say you voted in the first election with a female candidate?
  6. Whether you agree with your parent’s politics or not, you’ll score extra brownie points for getting out there and voting.
  7. Margin of victory is super important. What if your choice candidate only loses by a handful of votes? You’ll be kicking yourself for not getting to the polls.
  8. It’s a fun, patriotic experience. The waiting in line, the voting volunteers. It’s classic!