REVIEW: Echosmith’s ‘Acoustic Dreams’ EP

Ahhh, the acoustic album: where your favorite songs are stripped down and made to sound how they originally were created. Not only are acoustic albums the perfect companion to the original body of work, but they also give those songs a whole new light while showcasing some major vocal talent, depth and significance.

Echosmith‘s Acoustic Dreams EP is a surefire journey into the next chapter for this band of siblings. With four songs off of their debut Talking Dreams, and a brand new track, “Terminal,” you’re in for a spectacular ride.

Starting off with an enchanting rendition of “Let’s Love,” this band of ‘cool kids’ shows us just what they are made of and then some. With lulling strings and powerhouse vocals from Sydney and Jamie Sierota, “Let’s Love” takes on a whole new significance, hence the power of an acoustic effort.

Fan favorite and current chart-topper, “Cool Kids” takes on a lovely new approach while still maintaining its wide-spread message of being left out for being different. “Tell Her You Love Her” takes on it’s true form that brought tears to my eyes, caught in the moment and wondering if any of what is sung is meant for me. If anything, I think this version portrays it’s message better than any other.

The world’s greatest pick-me-up, “Talking Dreams,” doesn’t shy away from the original’s driving-with-the-windows-rolled-down vibe. The acoustic version only enforces the notion that there are a lot of things to be grateful for in this life. Stop worrying.

With new track, “Terminal,” it isn’t hard to picture it’s music video in your mind. I imagine the band came up with this song while visiting many airport, train and bus terminals during the past year. It also really makes you think about what other people are feeling at those terminals – what their stories are and how hopeful/hurt/excited they may be. There’s something so magical and yet so heartbreaking at the thought of waiting at a terminal and like always, @echosmith captures the true essence of that feeling beautifully.

My only wish is that this album were longer, but good things come in small packages. Take a moment out of your day to pick up Acoustic Dreams, lie on your bedroom floor with a pair of headphones and start dreaming.

Echosmith will be on the entire 2014 Vans Warped Tour! Go HERE for dates and tickets.

Acoustic Dreams is available now HERE.

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