Hot Or Not: Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions” Clip

We know that Nicki Minaj changed herself during the last months. But her her new clip to “Pills N Potions” featured by The Game totally surprised me. I have a strange feeling when I think about it. I think that she wants to find a new place in the music scene, but it can be difficult. I believe that the clip is inspired by the light summer things and we love these themes. And rabbit. Who doesn’t like rabbits? What I don’t like in this clip: “smoke effects”, it destroys this video and doesn’t fit here. Nicky Minaj has so beautiful eyes but unfortunately almost all the time are closed. And this form from 2:47 reminds me the last clip Katy Perry to “Dark Horse”, you know the ancient influences.

What do you think about “Pills N Potions”?