PREMIERE: Carrie Lane Bares Her Soul In Acoustic Video For “Think About It”

One look at New Jersey-bred turned LA transplant, Carrie Lane, and you just know she’s a bonafide pop star and model. The singer just released her debut EP, California Freaks, in June and has been garnering quite the buzz with tracks like “Drowning,” the Forever 21-approved “If I Can’t Be With You,” and most recently,… More »

Album Review: LIGHTS – ‘Midnight Machines’

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I honestly cannot think of another artist who takes the time to craft special acoustic companion albums for each of their releases. LIGHTS has been on the acoustic bandwagon since 2010 after releasing an acoustic EP for her debut record, The Listening, then again in 2013 for her sophomore… More »

EXCLUSIVE: Their Wedding Premieres Acoustic Video For “Hiding”

LA indie trio, Their Wedding, are making a name for themselves with their DIY approach – recording, mixing and mastering their material all by themselves…

EXCLUSIVE: Shochan Premieres “Girls Say” Music Video

Acoustic/soul up-and-comer Shochan has a lot to say in the span of his 3 minute music video for “Girls Say.” The Brooklyn jack-of-all-trades artist put…

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Jam In The Van Session

As promised I’m back with a new Tokio Hotel post and I really hope you like it 😉

I don’t know if you are following my blog dedicated to this wonderful band…

Tokio Hotel In France For Kings Of Suburbia Album Promotion

Tokio Hotel in the last two days were in Paris (France) for promoting their new album Kings Of Suburbia: they were special guests in some radio and talk shows…

Tokio Hotel Play An Acoustic Session In Madgeburg For RadioSAW

Tokio Hotel continue their German promotion of their new album Kings Of Suburbia.

Today they come back in Magdeburg all together (Gustav was…

REVIEW: Echosmith’s ‘Acoustic Dreams’ EP

Ahhh, the acoustic album: where your favorite songs are stripped down and made to sound how they originally were created. Not only are acoustic…

LIVE Music Review: You Don’t Wanna Be High Like Me

Last night, I saw one of the realest, most intimate performance I may ever see in my life. I went to a show at The Mint in Los Angeles to see a friend play an…

Christian Burns Announces ‘Simple Modern Answers’ Deluxe Edition

Trance god Christian Burns has announced details for a deluxe edition of his debut album, Simple Modern Answers. The companion album, available March…

New Music: Parable vs. Mac Soto Acoustic Performance

I spent my summer playing Parable vs. Mac Soto in the Kia Warped videos. I loved their tune ‘Carousel’ and the vibe is just so unexpected. Singing and Rapping is such a cool twist, especially…

From The Indie Vault: Mike Cavanaugh

Mike Cavanaugh – For fans of: Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne, Glen Hansard

Honest. Bare. Those are the two words that sum up Boston’s


Take a look at our new “acoustic” session with ARORA live in studio! They don’t use any instruments only their voices; so it was a real treat having them in. We think you…

EXCLUSIVE BuzzGig: The Colourist ‘Yes Yes’ Acoustic

[kaltura id=0_bcd0zh71 autoplay=0 type=single]

We had The Colourist by last week for a lovely acoustic session! Take a look at “Yes Yes” and stay tuned for more soon. So sit back…

BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: Tonight Alive ‘Lonely Girl’ Acoustic

[kaltura id=0_bm0fcmwu autoplay=0 type=single]

Tonight Alive is about to release their second full-length album, 

The 1975 ‘Chocolate’ Acoustic

The 1975s debut album is coming VERY soon and I can’t wait. Today they gave us a new acoustic performance of the song “Chocolate” over on SPIN. It’s so effortless and…

EXCLUSIVE: Tonight Alive ‘Breaking And Entering’ Acoustic

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Tonight Alive is about to release their second full-length album, The Other Side on September 10 (US) – and we’re stoked! We will have a new acoustic video of…

BuzzGig: From Indian Lakes ‘Anything’ Acoustic

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Check out 

BuzzGig: From Indian Lakes ‘We Are Sick’ Acoustic

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Check out From Indian Lakes’ exclusive performance of “We Are Sick” in our studio! It makes us feel like we are floating on clouds. We have another…

Buzz Gig: Dia Frampton Performs ‘How To Say Goodbye’

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The lovely Dia Frampton

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