Be You, Not Them. Killer Youth Buzzmaker Spotlight

Be you, not them. Killer Youth is an amazing project that my new pal Tony started a few months ago. It’s been blowing up lately and it’s all for an amazing cause. Killer Youth’s purpose is to spread the good word about all of the amazing unknown up and coming people who really need to be heard of.

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Myself, Brittany and many of our Buzzmakers have had the opportunity to be interviewed and featured on their site! Through Killer Youth, we’ve all been able to share our story and inspire others. It’s so great to see awesome people doing, incredible things for all the right reasons. Killer Youth is just getting started and we are so excited to join them on this ride! Stay tuned for more of our rad Buzzmakers stories coming out on Killer Youth soon! In meantime take a look in the gallery below featuring all our Buzzmakers who have shared their stories with Killer Youth so far!

Remember: Be you, not them.

You can read my Killer Youth feature here!