HOT or NOT? Lena Dunham Dyes Her Hair Mint Green

Lena Dunham is the latest celeb to dye her hair a crazy color! The “Girls” star just switched up her platinum blonde locks for a bright mint green color!

Demi Lovato Changes Her Hair…AGAIN!

If this is how she is about how hair, i wonder how she deals with going out to dinner and pick one thing from a menu! Demi Lovato has literally changed her hair color about…

Be You, Not Them. Killer Youth Buzzmaker Spotlight

Be you, not them. Killer Youth is an amazing project that my new pal Tony started a few months ago. It’s been blowing up lately and it’s all for an amazing cause. Killer Youth’s purpose is to spread the good word about all of the amazing unknown up and coming people who really need to… More »

Nostalgia To The Max: 2000

The year 2000 was full of crazy shenanigans. We all thought we’d explode during Y2K so I’m assuming the music industry went ape shit and…

CLASH Magazine Featuring Our Boys From The 1975!

The cover  that features our boys is taken from issue 88 of Clash magazine. But the negative part…

CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Sounds Off On Sexism

CHVRCHES‘ frontwoman, Lauren Mayberry, recently contributed an article to The Guardian on online misogyny and sexism. The article was fueled by a recent

I Can’t Keep Calm!

Tomorrow September 7th, 2013 it’s my birthday & I’m going to turn 19 years old !!! I can’t keep calm 1 day till my birthday!

Music Spotlight: Owl & Penny

Hey Music Lovers,

I wanted to share some new muisic with you. This talented artist is someone I have known for about 10 years now and he has continuously blown me away. Here is some of…

How were born the most famous Pin Up Girls!

Between 30 to 50 is definitely a popular way to see and display the sensuality eroticism and female (very repressed by then) they were photographs or illustrations of beautiful women in suggestive poses innocently. Pin-up images are banned in some countries (by culture), its earliest origins are around 1850, though, the images are used to… More »

Emma Watson: Beauty of the Month

“The first couple of years outside of Potter were difficult. I struggled to adjust to life in a way I wasn’t anticipating.” -Emma Watson

Michelle Williams on Louis Vuitton campaign

The enigma surrounding the breathtaking beauty of Michelle Williams is the signature weapon of choice for your next Louis Vuitton campaign. Red lips and intense eyes to…

Musicians Who Defined 90’s Style

The Rolling Stone web share us, musicians who defined nineties style, from Kurt Cobai, Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson to Madonna and others artists who ruled the decade’s fashion.

Skull Tattoos

I have to say it! I’m the biggest fan of tattoos and recently I found many skull tattoos that i loved them! So, I wanna show us a little bit of these tattoos, they are…

The Black Flag Tattoos

Black Flag lifers.

As visible at a punk show has crumpled cans of PBR, the Black Flag tattoo — images of which comprise a recently published photo book — was also omnipresent…

“Music is my soul; this is my path.” – John Densmore

Sitting down with pop rock powerhouse Never Shout Never

This was an interview taken for this blog http://www.examiner.com/article/sitting-down-with-pop-rock-powerhouse-never-shout-never you can check the hole interview here!

Summer is here with Beyoncé for H&M

Summer is almost here and this year Beyoncé is responsible for bringing us the new trends we see in the beaches and pools of labor H & M. The singer has starred in the campaign known Swiss brand. No wonder she has been chosen to present the best bikinis in the summer of 2013. Beyoncé… More »

Avril Lavigne & Marilyn Manson Have A New Single “Bad Girl”

Avril Lavigne told Billboard that her fifth album will include a collaboration with Manson called “Bad Girl.”

Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles

Here I put many photos of this gorgeous girl Scarlett Johansson, and I have to accept she is my crush… Ha.. Well, i have been following her career and all movies that she did, enjoy how this flawless women has changed her hair and how she looks so great! Enjoy it, and don’t forget to… More »

New X Factor Commercial

A commercial for X Factor aired during the American Idol finale tonight! Check it out!

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