Artist To Buzz About Summer ’14: That Kid Gabe

The 22-year-old, native Bay Area artist, That Kid Gabe is ready to showcase to the world that he’s got what it takes to be the next big name in the music industry!

With the release of his premiere song and video, “Pogo“, That Kid Gabe has already captured the attention of fans worldwide with over 7k views on Youtube in just a week after releasing it! After hearing this song, it is evident that the Bay Area Hyphy movement played a major role in That Kid Gabe’s life and that he has no problem proudly repping where he comes from through his music.

Pogo began as more of a fun party song for my friends to listen to, but it caught on in the party scene at my school. That’s when I decided I could use it as a catalyst to begin my career. We aimed to make the music video comedic, with a turn-up vibe”, said That Kid Gabe.

While the video starts off with That Kid Gabe goofing around with one of his friends in a store with a toy pogo stick, it quickly escalates to crazy college party scenes and riding around in fancy whips. The song has caught much attention at Chapman University in Orange, Ca. which is where That Kid Gabe currently attends school, and continues to be a party anthem at universities around the world.

“I’ve always been into hip-hop and have rapped since I was nine years old.My family is extremely musical. My father was a Rock ‘n’ Roll musician and started a music club in New York City called the Knitting Factory in his 20’s. Throughout the majority of my childhood, he remained in the music industry as the senior vice-president of A&R at Six Degrees Records. When I was younger I used to sneak into my dad’s recording studio and freestyle over any instrumentals I could find,” said That Kid Gabe.

Although That Kid Gabe was born and raised in the Bay Area, he currently lives in Southern California, where the filming of “Pogo” took place.

“The whole process of filming my first music video was super dope! A lot of time and effort went into it, but it was very rewarding. Although ‘Pogo’ was more of a simple hype type of joint, my soon to be released project will definitely show my versatility as an artist. I’m currently working on an EP that is set to release in the fall of 2014. I’ve had a lot of passions in my life, but hip-hop is more an addiction,” said That Kid Gabe.

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Check out the “Pogo” video and tell us what you think!