The Best New Coats & Jackets!

My favorite thing about fashion in the colder months is all of the COATS and JACKETS!! They are my favorite winter accessory. I just got into NYC and of course the first place my Mom wanted to go was shopping when we woke up this morning. I spent three hours oogling over everything at Saks. Although I did not purchase anything…. I am on the lookout for the one perfect winter coat that I will inevitably buy.

I saw a LOT of color block coats, lots of fur + leather jackets, and a lot of color leather. Biker style and oversize coats are also all over the place. Plaid is a huge trend, and the military style coat is still popular (which is great because the one i’ve been wearing for two years I can continue to wear!)

So here are some of my favorite jackets and coats that I saw. I wish I could have them all!!!!!!! Enjoy and don’t drool too much.

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