The Best New Coats & Jackets!

My favorite thing about fashion in the colder months is all of the COATS and JACKETS!! They are my favorite winter accessory. I just got into NYC and of course the first place my Mom wanted to go was shopping when we woke up this morning. I spent three hours oogling over everything at Saks…. More »

Fall Fashion Must Have: Faux Fur Coats

I rarely ever feel luxurious and glamorous while lounging around at home, but that may be because my house attire generally consists of bleach-stained men’s sweats and a Slanket. I’m making a point to change this, as everyone woman deserves to feel “lux” and “glam”, girlfriends (snaps). I will be doing this by stocking up… More »

I’m Back – with College, Questions, and Coat Lust

Hey there fellow Buzzing bees, 
I am a little out of the loop from recent events, but slowly coming back to the happenings in Celebrityville. Plus I wanted to…

14 Fabulous Faux Fur Finds (Say That Three Times Fast)

Sure cold weather is kind of a bummer when it comes to things like bbqs and the beach and abject depression, but on the bright side, it means FUN COATS. And nothing is more fun than faux fur. Ergo, faux fur coats are the funnest (and yes that is a word, I looked it up)…. More »

14 Fantastic Fall Coats

Spring is fun if florals are your thing and Summer is cool if you are REALLY into onesies and/or you are a fifteen year old model, but Fall is my personal favorite fashion time. You get to put seven items of clothing on top of each other and call it layering, and your eclectic scarf… More »

Are You A “Baller” On A Budget ?!

Do you LOVE Jeffrey Campbell shoes as much as I do? -Wildfox? -Betsey Johnson? –BUT you don’t really have the money to splurge on such things at the moment? WELL… I stumbled upon a website called Zoela’s. It has some PRETTY AWESOME knockoffs. Here are a few pics of things I found on the site…. More »

Jacket Guide for Fall (Women)

Here are 4 Fall/Spring jackets you MUST have!


Pleather/ Leather jackets have never really gone out of style. They’re the perfect way to add edge to an outfit, and keep you warm. Try taking…

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