Kylie Jenner Debuts New Look For Fall!

This girl really loves to keep it fresh! Kylie Jenner was seen with ANOTHER new hairstyle. Kylie was spotted walking out of Andy Lecompte’s salon on tuesday September 16th with long black hair dipped in…

Pretty in Plaid

First, I think we should address the question on all of our minds since the plaid/tartan trend has been on the rise… WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLAID AND TARTAN?! I have been curious about this for months and just decided to use my good friend google to solve the mystery for myself and thought… More »

The Best New Coats & Jackets!

My favorite thing about fashion in the colder months is all of the COATS and JACKETS!! They are my favorite winter accessory. I just got into NYC and of course the first place my Mom wanted to go was shopping when we woke up this morning. I spent three hours oogling over everything at Saks…. More »

Outfit Of The Day: Fall In Love With Plaid

I’m currently falling in love with everything plaid. Plaid button down flannels, plaid skirts, plaid platform creepers, plaid hair bows… you name…

Girl Gone Grunge Style

So as I was browsing the Free People website, which I do more often that I should, I came across ‘Girl Gone Grunge’ style page. I absolute LOVE everything about this!!! One of the reasons…

11 Celebrities Who Think Plaid Is Rad

Plaid is such an overlooked pattern. Ultra boldacious floral prints and retro polka dotsm get a lot fo attention, but where can we get some of this lumber chicness in? Well, thanks to starlets like Selena Gomez and the royalty, Kate Middleton, they show that plaid is certainly rad. So, who else likes plaid? You’ll… More »

Ashish Fall 2011 Punk Lives On


Rag & Bone Fall 2011 Modern Punk Plaids


MAD for Plaid

One of my best selling items is my 100% Italian wool plaid mini skirt. 

It’s timeless,playful,sexy,chic and FUN

you can wear it SO many different ways: Classic, preppy,rocker, it’s the cutest…

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