This Future Meme Describes My Beyonce Concert Experience Perfectly

^I took that picture, yup.

June 29th, 2013 will forever be known as the day I shared the same air with BEYONCE. My entire year has been a countdown to the mega-dome church experience that is a Queen B concert.

If my life were to flash before my eyes, I’m sure it would just be a montage of historical Bey moments. The colorful multi-room cuts in the Say My Name video, the Crazy In Love “uh oh, uh oh, oh no no” booty dance, the Single Ladies unitards, and the pregnancy announcement that changed us all.

^The image that plays in my mind whenever I need to conjure confidence.

I had made a playlist of the songs she was most likely to perform, I had watched the Super Bowl performance dozens of times, I had my outfit chosen… I WAS READY.

When she appeared on stage, pausing in a power pose (as to give us a minute to absorb her majestic glory), I’m actually surprised that the joy inside of me didn’t manifest itself into a light so bright that the entire venue exploded.

In that moment I understood the concept of monarchy and the very important place worship has in this world. Haha okay, maybe that’s a dramatic sentiment but I do feel that Beyonce is the (Inception style) girl power talisman I carry around with me at all times.

I was browsing the official Beyonce TUMBLR to get my post-concert fix, and amongst the “approved” pictures of B looking like a warrior goddess, I found one photo that I could relate to:

I understand this man. I understand that the iridescent sparkles on Beyonce’s jumpsuit were like the millions of twinkling dreams we have had anticipating this moment! Every day since the concert has just been a come-down, an ordinary day where I won’t be able to shout TO THE LEFT-TO THE LEFT with tens of thousands of people #Boo.

I also just think that this photo needs to be taken further, so I took the liberty of Photoshoppin’ him into some other meme-y situations:

I may never recover. Which concert in your life made you feel this way?