Paramore Covers War: Wolfbones Versus YouTubers

Alter The Press! have posted an exclusive cover of ‘Still Into You‘ by Wolfbones (Heroes and Underdogs Kayla Loren and Max Wrye‘s side project). It’s certainly not the first cover of Paramore‘s pop ditty and, even with the release of ‘Anklebiters‘, it’s unlikely to be the last. However ATP! are keen to assert that it is their favourite, but do you agree? And how do these popular YouTube covers compare?

Kayleigh Kokkinos

Kayleigh Kokkinos admits that she abandoned her first three uploads of ‘Still Into You‘ before finally sharing this version, but was it fourth time lucky? Kokkinos is most certainly not lip-synching to the original but there’s no denying that her voice can be oddly similar to Hayley Williams‘.

Florence Reiher

If you thought ‘Still Into You‘ couldn’t get any cuter, you’re wrong. YouTube’s yesflorence sings along with the world’s kitschest instrument – the ukele. If Paramore’s official video simply wasn’t kawaii enough for you, you’ll probably enjoy this quirky take on the song.


Although there are many more female warblers online than males, one popular male YouTuber who has upload a cover is Roomie. His interpretation ‘Still Into You‘ mixes voice sampled drums with whiteboard cartoonery. As its YouTube description asks, is it “Good, funny, or just stupid?”.

Sam Yung

If you’re tired of Paraoke, you may prefer to listen to Sam Yung. Famous amongst the Paramore fan community (and known to the band) for instrumental covers, his ‘Still Into You‘ piano rendition doesn’t disappoint.

Which of these covers is your favourite?

Or would you rather just enjoy the original?