Pop Culture Photos We’ll Never Forget

Every now and again a photo makes it’s way into the popular conciousness, parks, puts the emergency brake on, and stays there for the rest of time. You know them when you see them. Bald Britney with the umbrella, sad Keanu, Lindsay’s mugshots. This week we decided to compile a group of the images forever… More »

Best Of BUZZNET Instagram

This week we have tons of Warped Tour pics so be sure to check them out AND follow us on Instagram! We have some exciting news! We are now officially @BUZZNET on Instagram! To celebrate our excitement we have created this gallery of all our fave Instagram pics. Here we will show off our concert… More »

Taylor Momsen Posts New Tour Poster, Holds Boobs In Place

Breaking news for all you little Mom-sters out there (get it? like little monsters but FOR TAYLOR MOMSEN?): The Pretty Reckless has posted a new tour poster that leaves…

Taylor Momsen Posts New Tour Poster, Holds Boobs In Place

Breaking news for all you little mom-sters out there (get it? like little monsters but FOR TAYLOR MOMSEN?), The Pretty Reckless has posted a new tour poster that leaves very…

Lady Gaga Continues To Not Wear Clothes In V Magazine Spread

OMG! SHE’S NEKKID! JK, no shock here. All I can say is gurl looks damn good. For V Magazine‘s fall issue Lady Gaga is getting 4 covers! Gotta collect ’em all…

This Future Meme Describes My Beyonce Concert Experience Perfectly

^I took that picture, yup. 

June 29th, 2013 will forever be known as the day I shared the same air with BEYONCE. My entire year has…

RIP: Kat Von D And Deadmau5 Are No More

Why do Kat Von D‘s dreams keep getting crushed? You know what, why do MY dreams keep getting crushed?! Everytime the girl gets engaged I fantasize about her elaborate gothic wedding to come, only for it to be cancelled due to infidelity. Kat JUST tweeted the following today: 🙁 Poor girl. Not to be r00d,… More »

This Week In Miley Cyrus Short Shorts

Life can be tough. Life can be boring. Life can be sad. But there are certain things that we have to look forward to. Things like a tasty dessert, or an unexpectedly good movie. Another…

Kristen Stewart Gets A New Tattoo But Refuses To Show Us

Former sparkly-vampire lover, Kristen Stewart took a little trip to Nashville and stopped by Pride & Glory…

EW WHY? Adam Levine’s Fragrance Ad Is Dumb And Paula Deen Needs To Stop #NorthWest

^ my feelings about this week in celebrity news.

First things first: Kim K. and Kanyay (rhyming KKKs!) named their child (a living breathing human being…

If Sandra Bullock’s Son Wears One More Cute Costume I Will D-I-E

Thank you nation of the Philippines for defining that feeling I often get, which in most places would be considered punishable by law. Gigil 

Buzznet friends meeting for the first time @katecordova Dora @edisagenius @amyjosnaps


Rihanna Is Either Hot Or The Hottest On The Cover Of Schön! Magazine

It’s kind of like lately everyone is trying to out-sexy everyone else. Everybody is all legs-legs-legs this season and Rihanna is no exception. If you look closely she’s even…

Babies That Are Way Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be

When I was a wee-one my mom was dressing me in flowery headbands and rompers all the way. Meanwhile in a reality so far from my own, there are children who already appear to be sipping cappuccinos and taking in the New York fashion shows. They’re like “Wait, what? I’m a baby? That fact had… More »

BETRAYAL: Robert Downey Jr. Has Been Wearing Wedges This Whole Time?!

Whoa whoa whoa, stop right there, stop the train. We always knew that our beloved Robert Downey Jr. was a bit on the vertically challenged side, but we assumed that his super chill vibe meant that it didn’t matter to him. It didn’t matter to us! He’s COOL. He’s HILARIOUS. He’s a great actor. So… More »

Amanda Bynes Owns Up To Eating Disorder And Demands We Only Use TwitPics

Oh our poor dear sweet Amanda. Every day when we log into Twitter we can expect something new and worse from our…

Why Does Sienna Miller Look Like Her Baby Daddy’s Mom?

Firstly, I would like to state that I think Sienna Miller is super beautiful and pretty much a style icon at this point but her BF and baby daddy’s homeless…

Barbie – A Natural Beauty?

Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a. Barbie, is the quintessential icon of glamour and femininity. With her beachy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and waify waist, Barbie has represented a standard of beauty that has both been reveled and reproved. Personally, I cannot attribute any of my own insecurities to the dainty dolly. I believe that there… More »

Best of BUZZNET Instagram

“Standing with your spotlight on me” @theused

Best of BUZZNET Instagram

He rules! #buzznetfb

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