Justin Bieber Has His Own Secret Twin Named Joob

I just can’t with this. Not too long ago we were all laughing about Demi Lovato‘s secret twin Poot who was made up from a distorted fan photo of Demi taken from a bad angle at a random meet and greet. Poot had apparently lived in Demi’s basement her whole life and once breaking free, started… More »

Disney Characters As Hipsters!

Ever wonder how your favorite Disney characters would look or act if they were hipsters? well look no more! Check out some of the best memes and images of your favorite characters hipsterfied!!!

Create Your Own ‘One Direction: This Is Us’ Meme

One thing you need to know about me. I LOVE MEMES and when I heard the lads of One Direction had a meme generator on their site to promote their new movie “One Direction: This…

This Future Meme Describes My Beyonce Concert Experience Perfectly

^I took that picture, yup. 

June 29th, 2013 will forever be known as the day I shared the same air with BEYONCE. My entire year has…

‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Is The New Best Thing Ever

Thank you. Thank you world for knowing it was time for a brand new Ryan Gosling meme for us all. In what appears to be the first breakout success on VINE, director Ryan…

How To Get A Good Laugh From A Crazy Ex

First off, not every relationship ends miserably and not every ex is crazy BUT for those who do have a crazy ex, you will love this post. I found a hilarious meme and video about the crazy ex and it got me poking around the internet for more fun stuff. I figured hey if you… More »

Best In Show: Internet Cat Party 2012

Oh 2012, where have you gone? Have you been swatted underneath the couch in the living room of my heart like some forgotten ball of yarn? Have you been brushed aside like so much Fresh Scoop from the litter box of my mind? This year has come and gone at a strange leisure. Much like… More »

My Favorite Memes So Far

If you haven’t been paying attention, we are just about half way done with the year. Time flies when all you do is sit at home, watch the 3 Second Rule video on repeat, and lol at Bolin In the Deep. Since I am lazy and only find memes here and there, this is obviously… More »

Top 5 Tuesday: ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes

Mean Girls, everyone’s favorite movie. Don’t deny it, you know you quote it all the time! As one of Tina Fey‘s first films and the movie that shot Lindsay Lohan to stardom, it…

The Winner of Buzznet’s MEME WARS is Announced!

We have a winner! I totally wanted to say “weener” but well, yeah. I guess I sort of did in an “Oh not really” kind of way. Anyway, check this out right here:


S.N.G.A.F. – The Blog That Doesn’t Give An “F” About Your Feelings

So. Nothing is really the matter. I’m just full of phlegm. When I talk, I sound like Satan. You know what? IDGAF.

AT & T says I owe them $109 because I never returned some damn…

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