Hot Summer Read: Life’s A Witch

Calling all Pretty Little Liars & Vampire Diaries fans! If you’re looking for an amazing book to read poolside with your girlfriends this summer, look no further than Life’s a Witch by Brittany Geragotelis. I scored an advance copy of the book and read through it in only a few days because it was so juicy. The novel centers around Hadley Bishop, the queen bee and envy of every girl in school. Hadley has it all…the latest couture fashion, the looks, and even the personality. Her one secret….she’s a witch. If her secret gets out it could destroy her and her family.

Of course there is more to the book including fighting against a rival coven and boy drama, but I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Life’s a Witch, which had 18 million reads on Wattpad, is now revamped and coming out on July 9th. If you want to pre-order your copy you can do so here. Come July, I expect all of you to write in and let me know how much you love it! In the mean time, enjoy this summer read Buzznet Girls!