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Join Me For Sims Saturdays!

For those of you who love video games as much as I do- join me every Saturday over the next couple of months to play The Sims 3! I am banishing boring Saturday mornings &amp…

Hot Summer Read: Life’s A Witch

Calling all Pretty Little Liars & Vampire Diaries fans! If you’re looking for an amazing book to read poolside with your girlfriends this summer, look no further than Life’s a Witch  by Brittany…

DRAW MY LIFE- Hailey Bright

I saw so many YouTubers like NigaHiga, Anthony, Bubzbeauty, & Jenna Marbles doing DRAW MY LIFE videos over the past couple of weeks that it inspired me to share my life with you. I hope you enjoy my AWESOME drawings and my crazy, fun life. Doing this video ended up being very beneficial to me-… More »

Flashback Friday: 5 Movies With Video Game Characters In ‘Wreck It Ralph’

Disney‘s highly anticipated movie Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters today and if you aren’t familiar with the storyline, you’ll at least recognize some familiar faces! The movie is about the character Wreck-It…

Rewind To The 90s With Audrey Kitching

This week Buzznet asked me a few questions about the 1990s! Check out my answers, and take a blast to the past with me by commenting with your own answers! What is your favorite movie and sitcom from the 90s? God that’s so hard, so many good ones.. I’m going to be Cliche and say… More »

Loud And Proud: Why You Should Talk About Gaming

Today is Video Game Day! WHAT! WHAT! 

(Ok, soz. That was a little violent)

What with today being Video Game Day, and being both a passionate gamer and female myself, I…

From Virtual To Reality: 15 Pawfect Video Game Animals IRL

As if we needed another reason to lock ourselves in our parents basement with a 2 liter of pop and more pizza than a rager down by the cape, it’s Video Games Day! Since we love video games, we are celebrating this day in true Buzznet style with these paw-fect pets dressed up as some… More »

15 Things You May Not Know About Lana Del Rey

In honor of Lana Del Rey‘s 26th birthday today, I’ve complied a list of 15 facts that you may or many not have known about the “Born To Die”…

LISTEN: John Mayer vs. Lana Del Ray

John Mayer has been slowly creeping back on the music scenes releasing his new single, Shadow Daysa few weeks ago. Today, via SoundCloud, Mayer posed another nugget of music with a unique cover from the…

The Hottest Babes in Video Game History

The Hottest Babes in Video Game History

‘Code Monkey’: The Full Trailer

Vs. The Universe Productions has JUST debuted the trailer for their upcoming film Code Monkey. Based on the music of Jonathan Coulton, the film follows the adventures of Guy, an employee at Evil Corp, as he attempts to do the scariest thing imaginable: talk to his crush. The film will release on December 19th and… More »

Panic! at the Disco Release a Lyric Video for ‘Mercenary’

So, Panic! at the Disco is among a number of awesome bands featured on Arkham City: The Album, a release that goes along with the hit video game Batman: Arkham City

Panic’s contribution is titled “mercenary”…

Buzznet Exclusive Interview with Geek Rockers Robots and Racecars

What happens when four guys from Philly decide that, hey, there’s no reason you CAN’T start a band and write songs about video games and comics and Doctor Who?

Robots and Racecars happens.


15 Movies Based On Video Games

Male or female, old or young, at one point or another, we’ve all played a video game! If you were alive in the 90s, you most definitely played at some point in your life – or at the very least, are familiar with many of the video games. Who doesn’t know who Mario and Luigi… More »

Celebrate National Video Game Day With 8 Bit Video Game Music

When I was a wee lad, I was really into video games. All I used to do was play them. My friends and I (all 3 of us) used to trade them so that we…

Panic! at the Disco, The Damned Things, Coheed and Cambria and MORE to be Featured on ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Soundtrack

There is a ton of buzz surrounding the upcoming game Batman: Arkham City.  The game is the sequel to 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, a multiple Game of the Year award winner, and will feature Batman…

Anamanaguchi To Score The Scott Pilgrim Video Game with a Hacked Game Boy

There’s a lot in the Scott Pilgrim series that refers to video games.  From the very obvious (even in the trailers for the upcoming movie you see Scott pick up an “Extra Life”) to the…

i want it all Dolby

if i had a sweet Dolby surround sound theatre in my apartment to watch movies and play video games…i might not ever leave the house ahaha. is sound to you most important in movies, music or videogames?

Fall Out Boy Headed to War on the X-Box 360 This Friday

Are you a fan of video games?  Are you a fan of Fall Out Boy?

Then are you ever gonna love this news:  X-Box’s “Game with Fame” is…