Welcome to BIZARRELAND, I hope you enjoy the tour. It’s a different kind of tour but you get to see my desk and some of my things. Now to begin this is the actual room dedicated to all my weird and wonderful plots and schemes. Lot’s of planning and costume changes goes on in here this is where Tiny Mr.Potato Head, Peter and Dr.Mojo and his family live. And also where I sew, walk on my treadmill with the TV on of course. I have my art closet that contains all my suppplies. And of course all the things that comprise Dr.Mojo and the Twins busy lives although you won’t see any of their secret stuff on this tour !!!

What you will see are my photos that have been photoshopped except for few because of the low light conditions in here. The photoshop effect just brings out more detail to my things so you can actually see them more clearly. Well it also makes them look cooler but it’s cool in here no matter what effect I use. Hey It’s Bizarreland don’t forget 😀

Behold it’s JACK my Skelanimal wearing his favorite hat and badge Dimmu Borgir they are one amazing Norwegian Black Metal band, Joining him is my Christmas Living Dead Doll “NOHELL”she’s very dead but fun to be around 😀

OKAY so I had to use my flash with this one since it’s a lot of stuff to see. Just a little wider view of my desk it’s pretty packed with stuff but it’s really a fun place to be stuck for hours !!! And yes I have to clean all that at least a couple of times a week. It gets very dusty and right now I have lot’s of little spiders that call it home also so I have fun putting them on the windows so their not practicing their dropping down in front of my face !! Hey they have to learn to be spiders you know 😀

OH look it’s the Twins on their skateboards !! They love hanging out there most of the time when their not working or having fun 😀

Just a small amount of my DVD’s I love Vampires and most old horror movies 😀

A very small sample of my music but some of my favorite bands like HIM, Green Day, Pink Floyd, MCR and Ben Folds 😀

Jack Skellington with some of his friends 😀

Of course Bizarreland needs to have some Vampire Wine !!! But I’m a straight edge so you know I didn’t drink it I think the family members did 😀

I love my little tray it reminds me of Kat with all those little Japanese pictures on there. I bought that years ago in Border’s book store. That’s my favorite nail polish it’s a red orange color named Juicy Glo by Milani. See I drank all my water 😀

Here is Sinstress she’s my Bleeding Edge Goth doll. And next to her is my Story of AFI book, they are my favorite band 😀

Here she is again with “KILLBABY” my other Living Dead Doll 😀

OH there’s Hovis !!! He sits on my shelf for a few more days and then I have to change the calender to September. This is on my hutch i think you can see I’m really into everything horror and vampires 😀

More Music all my AFI CD’s and my other favorite bands. The giant mosquito was a gift from the kids next door to me 😀

OH LOOK it’s something quite normal !!! My treadmill, I think FOX NEWS was on I watch that a lot 😀

YAY !!!!! It’s Dr.Mojo, Flojo and the big family 😀

What I’m listening to right now in my car Warped Tour 2011, I love that one 2012 will be next 😀

I love my Victorian lamp it’s not an antique though but I bought it in J.C. Penny’s : )

Hey it’s Stickman he likes living next to Gerard and the guys !!! And yes I love John Tesh we went to the same church many years ago 😀

OH and remember when Jack Skellington and Tiny Mr.Potato Head were protesting the New Buzznet 😀

OH and yes I have a AFI and Jeffree Star Scrapbook !! LOL

So we are just about at the end of the tour this is my table I sew on it’s right in back of my desk and under it is where most of the TWINS things are kept in boxes. I say most of their things but definitely not all. That’s some of my paintings on the wall. I leave you with one more photo and that’s ME !!!

OH and it’s a very blurry photo and my hair was all frizzy because it was wet out I just got home from shopping. I used an effect on it and thought it looked kind of COOL ….. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my colorful place and Thank you for your patience 😀