Everything Beauty And Home You Need To Survive April

If you can’t tell by your allergies, it’s officially spring. Along with the new season comes new colors, clothing, makeup, and decor. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe, makeup, and home to match…

Spring Home Decor Makeover Must-Haves

If you’re getting your own place soon, or just wanting to spruce up your pad, this is the perfect post for you. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to do some…


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Nicole Richie Is Feautred On Coveteur, Has Most Amazing Life Ever

So I guess it’s finally settled: Nicole Richie has the best life ever. The designer was featured on fashion/decor/lifestyle website, The Coveteur and showed off her amazing clothes and garden. Yeah that’s right, garden. In addition to running to fashion lines and having a reality show, she plants her own fruit and vegetables. I literally… More »

Home Trends: Facepots

Wow!!! I love flowers and I found an awesome facepots designed by GOOD. And on these pots you can see the faces of different people. I think that it was great…

Home Hacks – Simple And Brilliant Home DIY Ideas

I have decided life is too short to wear boring clothes or live in a boring place. To me, a home is just another way to express myself and with so many simple and cheap ways to DIY, there’s no excuse for being a square bear living in an idea of a home that someone… More »

BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: American Authors Premiere New Song ‘Home’

Today American Authors is premiering a new song titled, “Home” just for us! The track is off their upcoming self-titled EP coming your way on August 27th. Can’t wait! Take a listen…

Room Decor Inspiration!

I am so excited that next month Swoon + Me get to move into our house! It took YEARS to save up and I cannot believe that we bought our first house! It is so amazing inside, and I am so inspired by so many different types of furniture and decor. I’ve lived in 9… More »

Inspiring space: Plenty of plants.

I love interiors that incorporate a little bit of the outside inside, especially during those long winter months. There is something so uplifting about the sight of a bright green plants during those…

Sweet Home :The Dainty Squid (Kaylah)

she have very nice home is located in northeast ohio, lives with her boyfriend and their three cats. your home has a very sweet, comfortable, vintage, homey. This house is full of owls…

12 Home Products For Cleaning Jewelry

So…I recently decided to put my grandma’s ring back on, even though I NEVER wear jewelry, which is why I got finger tattoos haha! I realized that may be because I absolutely do not take care of my jewelry like I should, I mean who cleans their jewelry anyways? Everyone besides me apparently haha! I… More »

12 Legendary Hollywood Stars At Home!

Ever wonder what legendary stars like Marliyn Monroe and James Dean‘s homes looked like? I came across a really cool article that showcases 12 stars homes! It is so cool to see how they chose to decorate and make their space personalized. Whose house do you like the best?

Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

So every weekend I have been posting some homemade face masks for you guys to try out and I thought I would switch it up a bit this week. Instead of…

Let’s Get The Party Started! – #HappyBirthdayToMeReloaded

Enjoy a little gallery of my close party at home celebrating my birthday (and Matteo one) with my parents, Virginia, Matteo, Susy and Danilo. I definitely had the best time ever, they are such an awesome company and I always enjoy a lot with them, I laugh, I talk, I share anything and they are… More »

Jessi Jae Joplin’s Halloween This Or That

Halloween is upon us and Buzznet asked me some “This or That” questions about how I spend the festivities… 

  1. Fruity candy or chocolate?  SOUR CANDY (Skittles,…

Britney Spears Purchases $8.5 Million Mansion With Jason Trawick

Britney Spears has a new crib, and a swank one at that. Would you expect anything less? A diva has to live in high style.

The singer purchased a $8.5 million…

BUZZNET Exclusive: All Time Low Share What They Do When Not On Tour (VIDEO)

If one thing is for sure All Time Low will be touring a lot over the next year in promotion of their new album, Don’t Panic. While touring is…

September 14, 2012 – Britney Films X Factor Episode At Home

Cameras caught Britney filming more scenes for The X Factor at her home this weekend. She hugs a few of the kids in the shots and, oh yeah, has new pink and purple streaks in her hair. Really really love them, she’s awesome! Check out the gallery!


Welcome to BIZARRELAND, I hope you enjoy the tour. It’s a different kind of tour but you get to see my desk and some of my things. Now to begin this…

Buzznet Storytellers Group #18: Fun With Google Maps

I don’t really have a lot of photos from when I was young. Growing up, I was super awks around the lens and taking photos of me was like trying to photograph a cat. If…

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