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Welcome to BIZARRELAND, I hope you enjoy the tour. It’s a different kind of tour but you get to see my desk and some of my things. Now to begin this…


I tried to put together some photos of how I spend my summer. I think this shows how it is here I don’t go on vacations since I have a lot…

Good Morning Mr. Breakfast: A Buzznet Photo Assignment

A few days ago, our friend JaneBecame posted a most fun photo of some brekkie that her and her family nom’d one day. It was glorious and it looked like this:

<img src="–large-msg-133433695744.jpg"…

Getting Results: S is for Sacrifice

Last week, we were given the word “sacrifice” for our Alphabet Assignment by Buzznet’s Anime Queen, Kendra. She started us off with this mighty picture:

Chaka made a fan video…

My Two New Kawaii Friends!

Today I’ve been at IKEA with my parents because they needed new shelfes for their bedroom. But you know I’ve already bought the big carrot the last time I’ve been and now they made also the little one and Mr. Broccoli too! *_* I really love them!!!! I bought also a lot of new candles:… More »

A Wish I Would Realize…

Today I recieved a new postcard from my sweet friend Celine, she was in Disneyland and I’m so happy to have this postcard, because I really love that place and she wrote me I have to go there too with her one day, I really hope so! Because it’s always been my dream, since I… More »


Oddly Dr.Mojo doesn’t have any Green relatives but he has 3 Green friends. On the left is “Zed is Dead” one of his motorcyle friends from when he was growing up. In the middle is “Smarty” his very smart Dinosaur pet and on the right is Dr.Eye-Gore who he went to Medical School with before… More »


The squirrels planted me an Oak Tree a few years ago and now it’s about 7 feet tall. It’s the only oak I have since I have mostly maple trees. It’s a little crooked because it’s growing under one of the maples but I think it will be a nice tree someday. The tree on… More »

G is for Green

A couple of years ago I found these amazing illustrations about “The Seven Deadly Sins” and I thought this is the perfect photo for the alphabeth assignment of this week 🙂 Green as Envy!

E is for Exploring

I chose this pic of my dad because I really love nature and forests… This pic is from Bled Lake in Croatia, shot last July from my daddy. He really loves photography and he usually explores a lot the places for to find something of really curious or suggestiing to shot, his photos are always… More »

Getting Results: D is for Delicious

Last week, were on the letter “D.” That meant that I tossed a few words around like “decay” and well, mostly that’s all I can think of because I am goth. JKz. I do, however,…

D is for Delicious

Cupcakes are my obsession and I really love to cook them! xp

Photo of the Day Task-tacular Extravaganza: Crimson & Clover

With St. Patrick’s Day sneaking up on us like A Praise Chorus (do u c wut i did thr?), I thought it would be extra rad to do a photo assignment/task around this most festive…

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