Back To School Style Must Have: Printed Button Downs

It’s that time again! For olds like me it just means that Fall TV is about to be back (hurrah!) and that I can dust off my prized leather jackets, but for those of you in junior high, high school, or college, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to class. While it certainly is not the most awesome thing (unless you really love studying, in which case GOOD FOR YOU KEEP IT UP CHAMP), that doesn’t mean you should not go back in style.

Prints are SO HOT RIGHT NOW (apologies to Zoolander). My jury is still out on matchy-matchy top-and-bottom prints, but a printed button-down blouse is the perfect way to infuse your school wardrobe with a pop of whimsy and joy.

Click through the gallery for some of the cutest printed tops out there, and comment and let me know which you’ll be snapping up!


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