(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Enjoys The Dark Side

Yesterday we had TWO blk events. The first stop was at King Kullen in Messepequa Park. What was supposed to only be a 2 hour event turned into a 3 hour event!! Sadly, store employees had to start turning people away. The second location was just as busy! The line went outside of the store! The support was incredible! Everyone at the events enjoyed free samples and purchased tons of blk! I am soooooooo beyond proud of my Dad, Albie, Christopher, Joey &Gianluca for all of the hard work that they’ve put into this company so far. I’m also extremely thankful that blk is doing so well –it’a growing every day! Thank you sooooooooo much to everyone who came out to see us!! Be sure to watch the video I made of the events yesterday! Also, check out the gallery of what a few people had to say about blk yesterday.

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