(VIDEO) Fall Tradition: Jarring Sauce

It’s ALMOST officially Fall!! I can’t wait. It already feels and looks like fall here on the East Coast. It’s a family tradition in my household for all of us to get together to…

Caroline Manzo Celebrates 29th Wedding Anniversary

Hey you guys!! So… as SOME of you may already know.. the other day was my Aunt Caroline and Uncle Al‘s 29th wedding anniversary. ( How awesome –right?! ) Anyway, my…

20 Questions With: Lauren Manzo

A few weeks ago, I asked my cousin Chris Manzo twenty random questions. In case you missed it, check out what he had to say here. I have since asked a few others some fun questions. My newest addition to my 20 Questions series is my cousin, Lauren Manzo! Lauren has been featured on Bravo’s… More »

(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Enjoys The Dark Side

Yesterday we had TWO blk events. The first stop was at King Kullen in Messepequa Park. What was supposed to only be a 2 hour event turned into a 3 hour event!! Sadly, store employees had to start turning people away. The second location was just as busy! The line went outside of the store!… More »

Ashlee Holmes New Jersey Diary

Here are a few pics of my visit home to NJ 🙂 I also made a little video recap to keep you guys in the loop of what’s going on and why I’ve been away from my blog for a little bit.

The Last Supper


Chris March is an AMAZING designer. His first episode of his…

Behind The Scenes Of: The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Check out a few photos of what my RHONJ family has been up to in New Jersey this past month! 🙂

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