The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Invade The Jersey Shore

This past week my family I were in Lavallette, NJ. We stayed in a GORGEOUS house. We got to stay in the beautiful house for an entire week! AH! It was awesome. I loved spending so much time with my family. I managed to catch a little bit of the action on camera. I also… More »

Ashlee Holmes’ July Instagram Pics

This month has been the most interesting month of the year so far! I came home to NJ for a summer visit. My boyfriend got to come for a few days too! I’ve gotten to reunite with my family and best friends again, I’ve been out to a Yankee Game, had some fun in New… More »

(VIDEO) Ashlee Holmes Enjoys The Dark Side

Yesterday we had TWO blk events. The first stop was at King Kullen in Messepequa Park. What was supposed to only be a 2 hour event turned into a 3 hour event!! Sadly, store employees had to start turning people away. The second location was just as busy! The line went outside of the store!… More »

That Time I Was Born…….

Once upon a time in back in 1990 in Las Vegas, a baby was born. ME! Here’s a home video from the day I was born. My parents were sooooo young! GAH!

Ashlee Holmes New Jersey Diary

Here are a few pics of my visit home to NJ 🙂 I also made a little video recap to keep you guys in the loop of what’s going on and why I’ve been away from my blog for a little bit.

A Little Instagram Action

SO… I decided to extend my trip home a little bit longer.. here are some more pictures of my visit home through the eyes of Instagram –Enjoy! xx

The Last Supper


Chris March is an AMAZING designer. His first episode of his…

Halloween Costumes: Celebrity Couples

Halloween is coming up soon! I know how hard it can be to decide what to be for Halloween –especially couples costumes! I got together some pictures of celebrity couples over the years to give you all some ideas! I even included a few pictures of my family members! –Enjoy! xx

A Brief Look At: The Evolution Of Makeup

I LOVE MAKEUP. I recently became OBSESSED with the 60s/70s style makeup. While I was googling some pictures of different looks, I began to look for images of makeup styles from other generations. I started finding a bunch of images I liked –so I thought I would make a gallery of the evolution of makeup… More »

Behind The Scenes Of: The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Check out a few photos of what my RHONJ family has been up to in New Jersey this past month! 🙂


Here are a few random pictures of me from highschool! –Enjoy!

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