Imperfection Is What I Do Best: A Gallery Of Inspiring Images

Here it is:

This month was filled with ups and downs for me. I work so hard, and I feel like I am stuck in more of the same thing everyday. Am I moving forward? I am not sure. I also began thinking about planning our wedding which scared me! Who am I that I think I deserve a beautiful party for just falling in love? It’s hard on the heart when people say they will or won’t be able to come, because it makes you feel like you are some sort of non-imporant idiot. It’s weird, I tried to take some time at the begining of the month to really love swoon, I’m a horrible mate, I’m busy and stressed and somedays I forget to even look him in the eye. I have a 24 hour a day job, and I’m trying to balance what I have, what was the past and make things for the future, it feels weird.

I put together this group of images because they all speak to me, and I hope that when you look at them you remember something important about the way you live your life, and are inspired to live it better.

I am learning and learning to love myself everyday, and I hope you are too. Happy end of May!