30 Of My Favorite Poems

It’s a rainy day in Los Angels today, and I’m about to head into work, and got stuck reading these amazing poems on It’s the perfect day to enjoy some written word, and I hope you will enjoy these like I am. I wish I could write like this! which one is your favorite,… More »

Heartblog: Happy Birthday Me, A Reflection On A Year.

A reflection on a year.


A year ago, on my

Heartblog: Tell Me About Every Person You Have Ever Loved.

A friend of mine sent me this amazing passage and I…

30 Memorial Tattoo Ideas

This week one of my good friends puppy died. Gosh, so sad. It’s a really horrible feeling to lose something or someone that you love so much. I think we have all gone through loss like that, and wanting to keep someone we love alive in our memories. Many people choose to get a memorial… More »

People’s Choice Best Actor and Actress, Who’s Your Pick?

Since The People’s Choice Awards are tomorrow I wanted to see who YOU thought should win in the best movie actor and actresses category! TONS of great movies have come out and it is always fun to see what actors stole the hearts of us viewers. I pulled the nominees for that category for you… More »

Sneak Peek At Free People’s January Collection!

I can confidently say that Free People is consistent with having incredible clothes and accessories every season. I am obsessed. I was lucky to get a lovely sneak peak at the new January collection and instead of keeping it all to myself, I wanted to share these must haves with all of YOU! Which item… More »

Photo Diary: Trying On Wedding Dresses!

Ahhh! It’s 2013, you know what that means…it’s officially the year Swoon and I tie the knot. Only 9 months to go. I cannot believe it. We are knee deep in planning with my amazing wedding planner Tori Hendrix from Sitting In A Tree (she’s the best!) and I’ve been working on designing my wedding… More »

Heartblog: This Is Your Life. (Happy New Year.)

So, it’s the beginning of the new year. Usually, my New Years blog would consist of me talking about my favorite moments of the year, the things I have learned (many), what I regret…

The Cutest Couples Of 2012

I know it sounds corny, but I really love LOVE. I adore seeing celebrity couples in the media. Especially doing cute things together like going to baseball games, Seaworld, the beach, and so much more. I made a gallery of my favorite celeb couples of 2012, so you can gush over them with me!

US Weekly Celebrates Keltie Colleen’s Top 5 Celebrity Moments From 2012

It’s been a long road making the transition from Dancer to …whatever I was supposed to do next. I tried many things. I wrote my book which you pick up…

Heartblog: A Fighting Chance

What happened to us? 

Today I had someone tell me that when they first met me they “thought I was going to be a total bitch.” Another chimed in “Yea, when I first met you I…

Kelt-Mas Giveaway: BellaWink Sleep Mask

One of my favorite things about ETSY is discovering really great handmade gifts. The gorgeous Danyell, is one of the ETSY girls, I only wish I could be. She designs and handmakes, the cutest…

The Best Friendship Tattoos

The last time I spent time with my bestie from NYC we didn’t stop for tattoos, but I kind of wish we had. I love that tattoo’s are like mile markers, and I want MORE! Which one of these tat’s would you get with your bestie?! xx

Beautiful Song Lyric Tattoos

I have tattoo’s on my mind. I am itching to get another one. At first, Swoon and I were thinking of getting one together. I might still want to get one on my own and I am thinking lyrics from my favorite song. I cannot choose between Matt Nathanson, The Beatles or Bright Eyes. I… More »

The Best Christmas Themed Tattoos

Okay, KELT-MAS is continuing right along. I have more giveaways tomorrow! But right now, a song… ON THE 13th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you, my favorite Christmas Tattoos. Look, I love Christmas, but some people REALLY love Christmas, so much so, that they tattoo it on their skin, so they can have holiday… More »

The Best Couple Tattoos

So lately I have been thinking about possibly getting a new tattoo and then I got to thinking about how adorable couple tattoos are. I wouldn’t want to just get a couple tattoo with anyone, it would have to be the right person and the right time. Here are some of my couple tattoo inspirations… More »

Dogs in Christmas Costumes

On the 12th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you, one of my favorite things, Dogs, mixed with another one of my favorite things….dogs in costumes, mixed with one of my favorite holidays- Christmas!!!! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you know the majority of what I do is post photos of… More »

The Greatest Holiday Music Video Of All Time (+why!)

It’s very important that on the 11th day of KELT-MAS that I share this, the greatest music video of all time with you. 

Here are ten reasons why this is the greatest

Christmas Craft Ideas!

On the 10th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you….some really good ideas for crafts. You know I love a craft and the holidays are the perfect time to craft someone a gift, or something for their tree! So get your glue gun out and star glittering everything kiddies! ps. did you see I am… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Glittery Holiday Make-up

On the 8th day of KELT-MAS I gave to you….so really pretty make-up inspiration for all the holiday parties that you are attending and want to look firece at….Today I announced the winner of my Sugar + Bruno giveaway on my instagram + also am getting ready for the next giveaway this week! But, for… More »

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