Let These Quotes Inspire Your 2017!

January is kind of a crazy month. We’re all reeling from holiday madness and suddenly have to get back to a normal routine. Resolutions are made and often broken, stress to reach goals and make cool things happen can become so overwhelming you just shut down. So to keep you from being stuck in a… More »

‘Almost Famous’ One Liners For 20 Different Life Situations

It’s kind of hard to accept the fact that Almost Famous hit the silver screen more than 15 years ago. Penny Lane, William Miller, the Band-Aids and Stillwater captured our hearts and made us wish we could join the circus of a traveling band, even if just for a few days. The adventures, mishaps, heartbreak,… More »

12 Parks & Recreation Quotes To Get You Through The Week

Parks & Recreation was truly one of the best TV shows ever. The quotes from that show can live on and on forever and honestly, they’re kind of essential to getting through this post-election, pre-Thanksgiving week. Here are 12 glorious Parks & Recreation quotes that will help you endure the rest of the week: When… More »

The Best Kylie Jenner Quotes For Every Social Situation

Sorry I’m not sorry that I think Kylie Jenner is totally awesome. While haters continue to hate, Kylie just keeps living her cartoonish life and saying hilarious things along the way. She takes criticism in stride and has a seriously tough DGAF attitude about what people think of her. Ever since the spotlight has centered itself… More »

106 Inspirational Quotes On Life And Love

Last night on my way home from Buzznet, I saw a girl on the train who was visibly upset. Her eyes were glassy with tears, she was sniffling, and the look on her face told me the only thing she wanted to do was get home so she could let out all the crying she was holding inside…. More »

Positive Quotes To Live By This 2015

I can’t believe 2015 is already here! I think we could all use a little inspiration to kick start our year into a positive one. Remember, your thoughts become things so make sure to stay positive and create the life you want to live. Below is a gallery filled with positive quotes and inspirations to… More »

101 Ways To Inspire Yourself!

Here is a gallery of 101 quotes that inspire me to be the best me I can possibly be! Enjoy!

New Year = New Thoughts. Get inspired!

2013 flew before my eyes. I never regret much, but one thing from the past year is that I didn’t sit in the moments as much as  I should of. I am not going to…

THINK: Are You An Imitation or Original?

I thought I would blog about something that has been on my heart and mind for a while. Originality vs Imitation.

Lea Michele’s ‘Rise And Shine’ Quotes

I have to say that Lea Michele is one of the strongest persons ever, honestly I feel so inspired by her, probably more in the last few months than before. After what she went through this Summer, she has been so strong to rise again and continue her life having in her heart her soulmate…. More »

10 Things Almost Famous Taught Me

Almost Famous can be describe as my “How To” deal with the music industry. I’ve probably watched that movie a thousand times and can quote every line in that film. Last October I spent sometime…

Katelyn’s Book Shelf: Bossypants by Tina Fey

For me, there is nothing better than reading a good book! I always find lots of time to read while flying, waiting in a waiting room, or when I have nothing…

14 Of Michelle Tanner’s Best Lines

I grew up watching Full House, and Michelle Tanner always threw the sass around. Here are some of her best lines from the series. 

Get To Know: Johnny Depp

Today, June 9, is Johnny Depp’s birthday! Happy Birthday <3 Want to know more about Johnny Depp? Check out this gallery of some of my favorite Johnny Depp quotes accomponied by some of my FAVORITE pictures of him. Sexy time. 😉

Inspirational Quotes: Britney Spears

Here I am with a new inspirational quotes gallery, after Lea Michele‘s one, I picked my Goddess Britney and few of her best quotes ever about life, love, her kids and more. I always looked at her as an inspiration. She went through so many things in her life and she can speak about a… More »

Hours Lost Spring Collection Lookbook!

My clothing brand’s spring collection was released today on the revamped Hours Lost online store! Check out the lookbook I designed. It has the added bonus of articles about…

Favorite Quotes from HBO’s ‘GIRLS’

Lena From HBO‘s ‘GIRLS‘, makes cool tv, dates cool guy, cannot walk in heels (I forgive you). GIRLS has become the voice of a generation with the smash breakout show, which I love and obsess over. I love the authentic and real voice of the characters and it happens to take place in my most… More »

Kara DioGuardi Appreciation Post

This past week I was at my local library and came across songwriter Kara DioGuardi‘s autobiography, A Helluva High Note: Surviving Life, Love…

V-DAY Inspirational Gallery

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely Buzzneters! I put together this romantic gallery with my favorite quotes, photos, romantic movies and anything linked to this day. This is dedicated to the most precious person in my life, the one whose made my heart beat faster for the last 6 years. Thanks for turning me… More »

Jac Vanek $10 T-Shirt Sale!

NOHING is better than good quality shirts with insanely inspirational quotes on them. Thanks to my main favourite Jac Vanek, her website has TEN DOLLAR SHIRTS AND TANKS! Whaaat. Can’t beat that! Here is the link to her sale shirts: //store.jacvanek.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=99 I’ve already received my “Human Soul” tank, and I literally just ordered my “There… More »

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