Audrey Was Cinderella At Someone Else’s Prom?

Since it’s almost Prom season, Buzznet asked to interview me about my personal prom experiancs in high school. Check out my answers below of my NOT so conventional and fun prom experiance!

BN: What was your high school prom theme?

AK: I actually got kicked out of high school end of 11th grade! I didn’t get to go to prom… not sure if I would of went anyway though to be honest! I went to someone else’s prom in Philly though the following year! I don’t remember much about the theme though.

BN: Did you go with a friend or someone you had a crush on?

AK: I went with my “boyfriend” at the time. He ended up ditching me at his prom and I didn’t know anyone. The school had this “against drunk driving” program so you couldn’t leave the premises till 6am the NEXT day. It was a horrible memory. I think I just sat in a corner people watching and thinking about wanting to get white tattoo’s on my wrists ha! Don’t worry he still tries to talk to me and be my friend to this day. I win!

BN: What was your prom song?

AK: Shesh no idea.

BN: What did you wear to prom?

AK: I made my dress… the theme was a pink ballerina dress with black lace and ribbons. For the time it was pretty cute. I remember trying to hand dye baby pink satin heels… it failed miserably!

BN: Who would you take as your ultimate celebrity crush prom date?

AK: Zac Efron because he’s super hot and I think he’s really young still?… young enough! I saw the Lucky One and it rehashed my serious crush. Last time we were in same room was the 17 Again premiere. Ah the memories…. kidding.

BN: What is your best memory from prom?

AK: Getting ready, picking out the clothing and making my outfit! I think that’s every girls favorite part… how can you not love that? You feel like Cinderella for one night, minus the crazy step sister situation and scrubbing floors.

BN: How did your date ask you to prom?

AK: I think he asked me over AIM messenger ha! I should of stood him up

BN: What makes a memorable prom?

AK: I think not taking it too serious and just having fun. You have your whole life ahead of you for relationships. Just go and have fun with friends and play dress up and don’t care what anyone thinks. You’ll never see these people again in few months… go crazy be yourself!

BN: What would be on your prom playlist?

AK: Ryan Adams, Radiohead, Best Coast, Lisa Mitchell, The Doors, The Beatles, The Beach Boys… basically coolest prom DJ ever!