Get To Know: Tame Impala

Tame Impala has been gaining popularity within the last three years…

Musicians Posing With A Koala Bear

You all know exactly what I mean when I say “the famous adorable koala picture”. We have seen it for many years now and I know I personally go, “AWH” everytime I see someone posing with that little grey fluff ball. I came across a TON of amazing photos of our favorite bands and musicians… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Terry McDermott On His Beatles Performance & Tearful Moment (VIDEO)

Terry McDermott is one of the final four contestants on NBC’s The Voice, and we don’t think we will be saying goodbye to him anytime soon. Last night Terry gave…

Audrey Was Cinderella At Someone Else’s Prom?

Since it’s almost Prom season, Buzznet asked to interview me about my personal prom experiancs in high school. Check out my answers below of my NOT so conventional and…

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