Belle Of The Ball: Dazzling Prom Dress Inspiration

If you haven’t decided on a prom dress yet, now is the time to get inspired! Every girl deserves to feel like a princess for a night so ditch the simple, boring styles everyone else is wearing and go bold with some vintage patterns and fairy tale-inspired glitter! You deserve it!

6 Ways to Boost Your Prom Karma

Prom season is upon us once more! As you prepare for an evening of gowns, suits, and all the sparkle your high school gymnasium can muster, let’s focus on good vibes instead of being Becky with the good hair. After all, school dances aren’t cupcakes and rainbows for every human you know. Spread positivity and… More »

Buzznet Presents: The Ultimate Prom Playlist

Prom season is officially upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a killer playlist to get you pumped for the big night?! From 80’s cult-movie classics to 90’s gems to today’s hottest hits, our ultimate prom playlist will have you ready for high school’s biggest night in no time!

EXCLUSIVE: We The Kings Reveal Who They Wish Played At Their Prom!

It’s kind of obvious that We The Kings are pretty rad and once they start talking music, it’s like our inner music nerds come out of hiding! We’re sure that any of you would kill to have them play at your prom but today, the guys decided to switch things up a notch. In celebration… More »

5 Reasons Sex On Prom Night Is So Over

Real talk – Prom, graduation, and summer vacation are taking over the minds of every single high school student right now. If TV, teen movies, and stories from parents and older siblings ring true, sex is also taking over most brain cells as you consider the possibility of ‘getting lucky’ on prom night. Well, let’s… More »

Reality Vs. Expectations: Going to PROM

Prom is an exciting concept! I mean, for most teens, it’s the first time you’ll get gussied up with your friends and significant others, get your hair did, and cruise around town in a limo. In theory, it should be the night of your high school career, especially if TV and movies have anything to… More »

7 Alternatives To Skipping Prom

Let’s be real – sometimes high school is a nightmare and the last thing you want to do is pay money to spend even more time with those who made your life a living hell at prom. (Still bitter, Tina? Maybe.) Whatever your situation is – whether you enjoyed high school or not – sometimes… More »

Teen Movie Promspiration: Cult Classic Looks To Steal Now!

It’s finally May, which means prom is right around the corner! Instead of meandering to the mall and picking out the first strapless, floor length gown you see, consider going vintage! Show off your personality and unique style with a one-of-a-kind dress or something rad and thrifty that still holds up. To get you inspired,… More »

Oh My Goth! Prom Inspired Looks!

It is prom season but not everyone wants to wear a ball gown or bright colors. What about those of you who want to stick to all black everything? Well here are some vamp chic inspired looks that YOU can rock to your prom! What are your thoughts on these looks?

Stylist Johnny Wujek Spills Prom Tips And Trends

We sat down with Johnny Wujek and asked him for some help when it comes to finding your prom style! Finding the right prom dress is about looking your best and standing out from everyone…

The Promposal Cuteness Continues!

The promposal cuteness contines with these amazing videos of people asking their dates to prom! Each one involves a musical number and a very happy girl at the end. I rated each one with 1…

The Hottest Prom Hairstyles For 2014

Still looking for the perfect prom hairstyle? Well I’m here to help you out! Here is a collection of the best prom hairstyles for this year. There is something here for almost everyone! Check it out and get inspired! What is your favorite prom hairstyle?

The Promposal Cuteness Begins

Guys and gals are starting to ask their girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, and crushes to prom and they are going all out! These peeps are constantly coming up with new and amazing ways to ask someone to prom. I only wish people were this creative when I was in high school. Can I go back?? Check… More »

All Time Low Share High School Memories

[kaltura id=0_ot33x0jd autoplay=0 type=playlist]

All Time Lows Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat gave us some of their wonderful memories from high school…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Brian Logan Dales Shares His Prom Memories!

Prom season is in the air SO I felt it was only necessary for me to share my personal prom memories with you

The Evolution of Prom Dresses

School is almost out and it is offically prom season! Teens all around will be dressing up to attend their schools prom with all of their friends! Prom is super fun because it is one night in high school you get to be with your friends all night, dance and let loose! Picking out a… More »

Buzznet Breakdown May 26, 2013

Another week of fun has gone by here at Buzznet and we are here to share with you some of our favorite posts from the week! From music, fashion, celeb gossip and more we love…

Getting Fancy 101: A Guide To DIY Dresses

The air is hot, everyone has “senioritis” and prom is just around the corner. All of your best friends have their dresses already. You’re a little late to the game… You’re an original&hellip…

Celebrity Inspired Prom Dress Trends

Finding the perfect prom dress can be a difficult task. Things can get really tacky, really fast, when striving for a festive and young look. Taking notes from red capets is always a helpful way to identify great formal dress trends. Some of the hottest red carpet trends may be harder to pull off (hello… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Lisa Ruocco Shares Prom Memories!

Because it is prom season I wanted to share some of my prom memories with you all!

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