How To Survive High School in 10 Steps

Someone recently told me via instagram that they’re having a hard time getting through high school and asked me to post some tips to get through the tough days. Looking back, I think I had…

BUZZNET Exclusive: William Beckett Shares His Prom Memories

It is prom season so I wanted to share my prom memories with you all!

What was your…

Getting Fancy 101: A Guide To DIY Dresses

The air is hot, everyone has “senioritis” and prom is just around the corner. All of your best friends have their dresses already. You’re a little late to the game… You’re an original&hellip…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Lisa Ruocco Shares Prom Memories!

Because it is prom season I wanted to share some of my prom memories with you all!

Youtube Evolution Of: Mayday Parade

Happy Friday AND Happy May!!

In honor of May, I decided to do this week’s Youtube Evolution on Mayday Parade! I seriously have loved…

Channing Tatum Goes Back To School (VIDEO)

Just when it seemed like Channing Tatum couldn’t get any more adorable, he comes out with a classic, romantic dramedy 10 Year Reunion. Don’t worry, to make it even more adorable, he cast his…

My High School Relationship

Hey guys Here are some questions I did about my high school relationship and a gallery of pictures!! xo Did you ever get into a serious relationship in high school? Not really.. I would date and I had a bunch of guy friends. I just wanted to have fun, a relationship was the last thing… More »

Start Your Own Club on Campus!

Back to School was always one of my favorite times of the year. I love that day when all of the groups and clubs on campus set out their tables and invite you to join. In high school, I was on the dance team all four years. In fact, I was the team co-captain my… More »

Audrey Was Cinderella At Someone Else’s Prom?

Since it’s almost Prom season, Buzznet asked to interview me about my personal prom experiancs in high school. Check out my answers below of my NOT so conventional and…

The Jocks, The Cheerleaders, The Band Kids & You…

Bullying to everyone means something different. I grew up in a schooling system just like anyone else where there were the cool kids, the nerds, and the popular girls who had boobs, the…

Trip Down Memory Lane – Part Two

Here are some more photos of me growing up… Baby photos to high school ones.. xoxo

High School Memories

Hey guys, So it is kinda crazy how long ago High School really was when I think about it. Even though so much changes after High School graduation it can still feel like yesterday that you were walking up to start your first day! School is starting soon so I put together a gallery of… More »

Blast From The Past

I may be immediately regretting posting some of these pictures but I came across some old ones and decided…”HEY! Why NOT post them for all to see right?!” So…Here goes nothing 😡 xoBritt

The Coverteur Gives Us An Inside Look On Ashley Tisdale’s Wardrobe!

We have all seen Ashley Tisdale grow up over the years starting from her youthful High School Musical and The Suite Life days. She has definitely kept up with the trends but as of lately she really has been showing off her best fashion. The Coveteurcaught up with Ashley at her home and gave us… More »

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