Trend Spotting with… Sylvs

Hello fashionistas,

Sylvs here checking in for another Trend Spotting report!

Fashion lately has been pretty out of this world,figuratively and almost literally.

There are a ton of looks that I am so stoked about this fall,though I am definitely vibing with keeping it natural, yet colorful. (Think hot pink clutches!)

The temperature may be beginning to drop, but that does not mean that we must bundle up in bad fashion. Who says it’s wrong to look amazing while just sitting around the house?

Here are a few things I have picked up from scoping out the trend pool.

Colorful or Muted Nails:

The best colors, depending on the outfit of course, are black, hot pink, jade, nude, and white. Black, white, and nude being the best to tone down colorful garb or the others to add splash to a dark ensemble.

Locket or Pocket Necklaces:

Honey Bee Mine Locket – $16.99 – ModCloth

Necklace in Wonderland – $24.99 – ModCloth
Fashionably Late Pocket Watch Necklace – $27.99 – ModCloth
Locket Me Now – $19.99 – ModCloth
Very Important Date Pocket Watch Necklace – $19.99 – ModCloth

For me, Fall always brings with it the whistful feel of nostalgia in the air and these pieces capture that perfectly.

Glitter Heels:

Tastty-GGlitter Pumps – $109.95 – Betsey Johnson

Charlotte Russe – $20
Gabriella Rocha Peep-Toes – $63
P-Patty Mary Janes – $58.99 – Steve Madden
Old Navy – $25

“Glitter” heels are the absolute best way to turn serious into playful and fun!

Animal Print Scarves:

David & Young – $18.00

Ombre Scarf – $38.00 – Jessica Simpson

Nordstrom – $48.00
Express – $19.99
Leopard Infinity – $12.50 – Charlotte Russe

Like I said earlier, a natural touch. There really is never a time that animal print is not chic, but it is definitely best for Fall frolic. Speaking of nature, this leads us to the last, and cutest, trend of the lot.

Animal Instinct Rings:

A Dove and Beyond – $9.99 – ModCloth

Crafty Companion – $14.99 – ModCloth
Self-Trot Fashionista – $14.99 – ModCloth
Some-Bunny Special – $9.99 – ModCloth

How adorable are those rings?Not only will they look super cute on you, but they will also strike up equally precious conversation.

How do you feel about these trends?Would you/Do you rock them?