In My Bag – Summer 2012

It has been a little while since I have done one of these posts, but while it may still be Spring we here in Florida are already geared up…

Hello Bees

I have returned. In a sweater. (brrrrr!)

I’m Back – with College, Questions, and Coat Lust

Hey there fellow Buzzing bees, 
I am a little out of the loop from recent events, but slowly coming back to the happenings in Celebrityville. Plus I wanted to…

There’s a Grimlin in my sink

My kitty Grim loves hanging out in the bathroom… for some odd reason. As a matter of fact, he’s still in there right now! Whatcha doin’ in there Grimlin? Being a Gremlin?

Trend Spotting with… Sylvs

Hello fashionistas,

Sylvs here checking in for another Trend Spotting report!

Fashion lately has been pretty out of this world,
figuratively and almost literally. 

There are…

What is Your 11.11 Wish for the World?

I thought today would make for a very cool picture project. As you all know it is 11/11/11 today which marks a worldwide sweep of wishes based on 11:11 Numerology. My wish is for the world, and it is the wish that everyone learn to love not only one another as human beings, but also… More »


Happy (early) Halloween! xox – The Voodoo Priestess


I just figured out how to use my webcam on my new laptop. Woo! Thought i’d share the moment. xox

It’s My 3 Year Buzziversary!

WOW. I cannot believe that today marks my 3rd year on Buzznet! It seems like only yesterday… Firstly, I would like to say Thank You to everyone who reads my posts. I love you all! Next, there are certain peeps on Buzznet that I MUST give a huge virtual hug to for all of their… More »

Back in Black

Well, black streaks in my hair that is. Is it Halloween yet?

Bird’s Nest

I made a comfy place in my hair for my fake crow to live in.



*Mission Impossible Theme Song*

Fashion Inspiration: Wintermint

Have you ever had your wardrobe inspired by gum?
With these new Orbit packs, you totally can! I did!

It isn’t often…

Say Hello to Grim

I just got a new kitty! I named him Grimlin. Isn’t he totally adorable? Who loves kittens? I do I do!!

Trend Spotting with Sylvs (Summer Edition)

Though it is not yet officially summer yet, here in Florida it feels like summer almost all year round.

From the land of endless summers, here are some great trends…

Hugo – ’99 Problems’ Live at JRR Studios

Yesterday I caught a private show at WJRR with Hugo. Here is video of ’99 Problems’ from his debut album Old Tyme Religion!

I’m an Orange

Hugo Gives A Private Jam Sesh at WJRR

British born and Thailand raised musician Hugo gave a private stuido performance for Orlando radio station WJRR today and I had the pleasure of being one of the guests! Check out Hugo’s album Old Tyme Religion – on sale now. My favorite tracks? Wake Alone and Bread & Butter! Here are some shots from the… More »

Illuminate Me

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