Trend Alert: Dainty Jewelry


I can remember some years ago (not too long ago) when I couldn’t find hoop earrings big enough to make me happy. All my jewelry had to…

DIY Tuesday – 20 Easy and Beautiful DIY ring ideas

Happy DIY Tuesday, Moon Children! Although we live in a world where one can buy a cute ring for less than $3, there are still those times where you might wanna make something that is one of a kind – for yourself or for a meaningful gift. I think rings are one of the easiest… More »

Shop Spotlight: Earth Bound Trading Company

This weekend, when I was on vacation, I came across the store, Earthbound Trading Company, and had a total shopping spree! This store has so much to offer, such as accessories, clothes, home decor, aromas, crystals,dreamcatchers and much more! What really compelled me to go into the store was how everything was so unique and… More »

Giveaway Alert: Win A Valou 3 Cap Ring!

Hey all! So…. A LOT of you have been going crazy over my 3 cap rings. I first wore one of my 3 cap rings on an episode of ‘The Real Housewives Of…

Trend I Love: 27 Multi Finger Rings

I have to admit I am still not over my knuckle ring obsession that I discovered last month. I have however recently fell in love with multi finger rings too! These are so fun and the perfect accessory to any outfit. These rings are just enough to add that little something to your outfit! You… More »

12 Home Products For Cleaning Jewelry

So…I recently decided to put my grandma’s ring back on, even though I NEVER wear jewelry, which is why I got finger tattoos haha! I realized that may be because I absolutely do not take care of my jewelry like I should, I mean who cleans their jewelry anyways? Everyone besides me apparently haha! I… More »

Current Obsession: Knuckle Rings

Okay so one trend I am currently obsessing over is knuckle rings! I just can’t seem to get enough! These rings are the perfect way to spice up an outfit and really add some flare to your style. They are so simple but are an amazing accessory for any occasion. Accessorizing is my favorite part… More »

june inspirations!

things I like and i love. nails,hats,shoes,colored hair & more.

Top 10 : Skull Rings

I love skull rings. I am passionate, and they come in different shapes, designs and colors … These skull rings look great with any outfit. So I chose 10 skull rings, and you choose which are your favorites. See!

Trend Spotting with… Sylvs

Hello fashionistas,

Sylvs here checking in for another Trend Spotting report!

Fashion lately has been pretty out of this world,
figuratively and almost literally. 

There are…

Getting Results: R is for Ring

Thanks to Susannah, the last Buzznet Photo Assignment was all about the fancy things you adorn your fingers with: rings!

These are some of the treasures that Susannah has:

With this idea in…

New Rings

I always have problem to find the perfect ring because my fingers are so tight But today there were a lot of kiosks in my city about a lot of stuff and there were a lot of them also about accessories, I found those two fabolous handmade vintage rings I really love them! Which kind… More »

Chicwish – Kawayi Cat Ear Ring

Buy it here

Pamela Love Fall 2011

I have been lusting over Pamela Love’s designs since the day I layed eyes on them! I will continue to do so until I own a peice of these moon rock jewls for myself… they are simply amazing! Which design is your favorite? Mine is a toss up between the crystal bangles and rings.

Feeling Naked…

I forgot to pile on my rings yesterday while out running some errands and I felt naked! Finger jewelry is a everyday must. Lipstick, sunglasses and rings is all a girl needs.

Mango Rings To Die For

These rings from Mango are only $25 each! They are on Vogue’s 100 under $100 list and i want all three of them. I wish we had a Mango…


Normally I don’t write about products or clothes or whatever, because I’m broke and you’re probably broke and I don’t want you to go stealing moms credit card to buy an $90 Clandestine hoodie but…

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