“I’m not of this world” – CHAPTER ONE

I’m not of this world – prologue

This is the first chapter of “I’m not of this world” novel. As I said, it inspired from Spring Nicht/Don’t Jump video of Tokio Hotel and from Bill and Tom’s childhood. Twins names are the same, I kept some facts of their real childhood and life and something it’s changed for some reasons, because it’s just a fantasy novel and not a transposition of their life or a their biography.

This first chapter talks about the past, from the second one the story will be tell in the present of the story, that is 2007, just the year of Spring Nicht/Don’t Jump video shoot.

I hope you like it!


October 15th, 2003

“Bill!!! Tom!!! C’mon! Wake up!” this is mom’s voice who called us as every morning.

“Just 5 minutes!” I said and turned on a side and put my head under the pillow.

Mom came in our room for wake up, otherwise we could sleep for the whole day.

“C’mon! Or you will arrive at school in late as yesterday!”

Mom arrived first in my room then in Tom’s one.

“Ok… ok!” and I finally woke up.

Still sleepy I went in Tom’s room and rocked him because mom’s effect doesn’t work with him.

“Tom, wake up!” and I rubbed my eyes and then I went in the bathroom.

I washed my face and I gave a couple of slaps for to wake me up and then I came down and I sat on my chair in the kitchen.

“Good morning Bill, have you slept good?”

“Mh… mom! I had a weird dream… I was in a street, it was so dark and then I have seen a shadow a few of steps to me…” and I take a biscuit and I soak it in the cold milk.

“Morning” exclaimed Tom coming down the stairs “Hi little brother!” and he greeted me with a punch on my arm as every day.


“Pff! Hi mom!” and he smiled to her.

“Hi darling!”

A horn resonated in the home.

“Oh, the bus is arrived! C’mon boys, you gotta go!”

“No mom… why can we go at school on foot?” I asked.

“You haven’t time to go on foot!” she said.

“Bill, doesn’t matter, we come back on foot!” and Tom pulled me by the arm outside the house.

“I love you!” said mom.

“What the hell were you thinking, Bill! Eh?” asked me Tom.

“What? Ah, Tom… leave me alone please!” and I went up the bus “Do you think mom didn’t understand whathappen to us? Hide us in that house two days on three isn’t necessary, she is our mother, she knows us better than anyone!”

“I know… I know… but I do it for you, Bill! I won’t to see you suffer anymore!”

“What happened Bill, no makeup today?! Are you able to stay for 8 hours without your clown face” said one of my stupid classmates.

“Shut up, idiot” replied Tom.

I was really tired to answer to these stupid guys so I learnt to stay in silence, but my bro wasn’t able to leave them to talk.

“Uh uh, do you have also the bodyguard? I’m scareeeeed! Hahaha”

“Listen to me very well, stupid human being!” Tom took him for his t-shirt “Shut up or I hush you! C’mon Bill, there are two seats in the end of the bus!”

And then we sat there.

“Thank you!” I said to Tom.

“For what?”

“For what you did 5 seconds ago”

“Oh, Bill… you are my little brother. I must protect you!” and he smiled me.

“We have 14. For how many years would you protect me to those stupid guys?” I asked.

“I think not for so long!” answered Tom.

After 10 minutes we arrived at school and with the corner of the eye I saw something moves not far from me and I whirled round

“What happen Bill?” asked me Tom.

“I’ve seen something moves there” and I shown the point with my finger.

“I don’t see nothing!”

“It was there, I don’t know what it was, something like a shadow…”

“C’mon Bill, we will arrive late in class. It wasn’t nothing”

“Yeah, maybe you are right!”and while I was entering at school I continued to look that point in the hope to see again that shadow.