Thanks So Much For All The Emotions – Tokio Hotel 6th Anniversary Video


Today it’s such a special day for me.

Barbie – A Natural Beauty?

Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a. Barbie, is the quintessential icon of glamour and femininity. With her beachy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and waify waist, Barbie has represented a standard of beauty that has both been reveled and reproved. Personally, I cannot attribute any of my own insecurities to the dainty dolly. I believe that there… More »

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Waiting For To See You Again [5/5]

Here I am with the last blog dedicated to the reasons of my life.

Unluckily I couldn’t post it in the exact day of my 5th anniversary, on…

Britney Spears & X Factor Judges At Dinner For Four Hours

After the big X Factor announcement, Britney and her fellow judges dined at the ABC Kitchen for four hours, according to “They were very talkative and enjoying it,” said one source. “They arrived mid-evening, around 8-ish, and stayed until late.” “All four looked like they were getting on well and relaxed,” said one restaurant… More »

Flashback Friday: 10 Out-Of-This-World Alien Movies

Before there was Avatar and even before there was Star Wars, there was John Carter. John Carter was first introduced in 1911 in the novels by Edgar…

Is Lady Gaga Going To Be An Alien?

Lady Gaga has pulled some pretty wacky and outrageous stunts onstage and off at various events. From wearing meat to emerging from an egg, some of…

“I’m not of this world” – CHAPTER ONE

I’m not of this world – prologue

This is the first chapter of “I’m not of this world” novel. As I said, it inspired from Spring Nicht/Don’t Jump video of Tokio Hotel and…

My Favorite Tv Shows

I’ve always loved to watch tv shows, this is a gallery with all my favs, from 80s until 2000s (American and not)

“Destructo Girl, That’s Me:” Buffy Tops EW’s List of Butt Kicking Babes!

So, fate has sort of been encouraging me to declare a Buffy Marathon in the near future.  Meaning I will actually clean my apartment, invite friends over, pop in one of the early seasons, order…


Faye vrs. Tank Girl was a blow out (25%|75%).  Faye severly underestimated how little good her sex appeal would have against Rebecca and her own big guns.  Though Faye was smart enough to save most…

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