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The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // Waiting For To See You Again [5/5]

Here I am with the last blog dedicated to the reasons of my life.

Unluckily I couldn’t post it in the exact day of my 5th anniversary, on…

The Ultimate Tokio Hotel Fan // The Day I Met You [1/5]

As I promised, this is the first of five blogs dedicated to my favorite band ever, the band which made me feel free and saved me a lot of times and also made…

Britney Spears ft. Tokio Hotel // Hilf Mir Fliegen [MUSIC VIDEO]

READ BEFORE TO WATCH (IN HD XP): I worked to this video for the last two days and I think I gave all myself for to rend it more perfect that I could! And I hope you can appreciate it and don’t write bad comments, because they will be deleted! If you don’t like it,… More »

Tokio Hotel: over 100 awards in 6 years!

You can love them, you can hate them! One thing is sure: when there’s an event and a prize up for grabs, Tokio Hotel are there.

Since the release of the “<a…

“I’m not of this world” – CHAPTER ONE

I’m not of this world – prologue

This is the first chapter of “I’m not of this world” novel. As I said, it inspired from Spring Nicht/Don’t Jump video of Tokio Hotel and…

The musical walk of Tokio Hotel (PART 7)

ZIMMER 483 – To the conquest of the Europe (pt.2)


The sonorities

If Schrei had Rette Mich, Zimmer 483 has Spring Nicht. Direct echo of the first, this…

“I’m not of this world” – Prologue

First to post the proluge of this my book, or well, of this my story, I think it’s too soon to talk to book, I would explain its origin and from what I was inspired……

I’m physically, mentally, over obsessed with Tokio Hotel!

It’s arrived the moment to post this blog, the first of two, because I’ve really really a lot of stuff of this awesome band, the second one will be dedicated to my room/museum…

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