Friends across the ocean

I’ve always thought friendship hasn’t bounders, colours, races, but it’s simply love, help and power!

In June 2008, on YT I knew one of the most precious people I’ve ever known in my life, Celine. She’s my American best friend, and I hope we can meet soon. She’s an angel, she’s amazing and a really cute girl!!!

You can follow her on Buzznet, go on her profile!

So a couple of days ago, finally arrived her package with all her gifts for my b-day and also she wrote me she was waiting other stuff for send them to me, she’s totally crazy! XD

Black Leggings: DKNYC; Yellow Dog from Victoria’s Secret Show; a globe with signed our distance: Tucson, AZ (Celine) – Trieste, IT (me) : friends across the ocean; RIMMEL Exaggerate waterproof eye definer 270 purple shock; a super cute Bill’s angel (she knows I love call Bill “my little angel”); Schocking Pink Blackberry cover; FOREVER21 militar green shirt; BRITNEY SPEARS’ tshirt from HOT TOPIC

She also sent me a Macaroni&Cheese pack hahaha i can’t wait to eat them! XD

Anyone else has a special friendship across the ocean or far from where you live?