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10 Things Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez’s Friendship Has Taught Us


Selena Gomez says the first time she met Taylor Swift, they ended up just sitting and talking for hours. They were insta-BFFs and through bad boyfriends, distance and bringing other…

Exclusive Interview: Kid Ink Talks Video Games, Tour & Working With MGK!

Hey Buzz Pals, 

I sat down with the extremely talented, Kid Ink, for an interview for all of YOU! 

We discuss tour, his dream…

Youtube Evolution: Happy Birthday Lil Wayne!

It’s that time of week again, FRIDAY! Which of course means I will be giving you a lovely Youtube Evolution. This week’s evolution is on Lil Wayne, today is his birthday so it was the…

Thought Blog: Harry Styles Got Me Thinking…Why Do We Hate?

Hate. What does it REALLY mean and why do we hate?!

Youtube Evolution Of: Memphis May Fire

It has been a bit since I have gotten to do a Youtube Evolution, I MISSED IT!

This week’s evolution is on the band I think you all love, Memphis Mayfire!

30 Reasons Why My Bandmates Are My Best Friends

To keep up with this month’s theme of fall in love, I’m going to tell you all why I love the Hearts’ boys so much. Sure, sometimes…

Fall In Love With: 10 Baby Animals That Are Sleepier Than You

Today is rainy and gross and hot outside. Tomorrow is Friday. That means today ISN’T Friday. Things are looking dismal. I’m tired, I’m hungry and I don’t want to be working. You feel? I’m sure…

Exclusive: William Beckett And Brian Dales Instagram Intervention Pt. 2

In this episode which is the 2nd of 3, me and Brian Logan Dales touch upon some pretty great Instagram related topics and photos. You get to see…

Exclusive Interview With Kota Wade Of Girl Radical

Hey music pals,

I want to share an amazing talent with you named Kota Wade. She is 1 of 11 girls in this girl power filled group called…

BFFL: Harry Styles And Ed Sheeran

Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are the cutest best buds in all the lands. These British blokes have known each other for years. Ed even wrote two One Direction hit songs, ‘Little Things’ and ‘Over…

New Music: Justin Bieber Ft. Miley Cyrus & Lil Twist

Ok…not gonna lie…this makes me want to dance. Like there has to be a small part in everyone who likes this right? Or am I alone in this? It may not be the most intricate…

The Swellers New Song ‘Becoming Self-Aware’

Once in a while I feel like I don’t fit in at all. Not in the immature, craving attention way, but in a pretty heavy-hitting way…

The Swellers New Song ‘Becoming Self-Aware’

Once in a while I feel like I don’t fit in at all. Not in the immature, craving attention way, but in a pretty heavy-hitting way…

Were They Separated At Birth: Leo Dicaprio & Jesse McCartney

I recently did a post like this based off of musicians that look a like and  it got me thinking about 2 of my favorite people ever.

Those two people are Jesse McCartney and Leonardo Dicaprio!

Best Friend Day: Favorite Celeb BFFs

Today, June 8th, is National Best Friend Day! To celebrate I have decided to put together a gallery of some of our favorite celeb best friends here at Buzznet. I love when celebs are friends in real life, it just makes me happy. My personal favorite celeb bff couple is Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips!… More »

Why Did Katy Perry Call Rihanna A Hoodrat?

Katy Perry and Rihanna‘s very public friendship has been so endearing. After all, the singing sirens seem to have one another’s backs: RiRi very much supported

Friends will be Friends

Finally my best friend Antonella sent me some old pics of us. We shot them during my last visit to her in December, we had a lot of fun and those are a couple of photos. I really miss her, I hope to can meet her soon!

Friends across the ocean

I’ve always thought friendship hasn’t bounders, colours, races, but it’s simply love, help and power!

In June 2008, on YT I knew one of the most precious people I’ve ever known in…

Gomenasai (I’m Sorry) – t.A.t.U.

I’ve always loved t.A.t.U. music and this is my fav song of them! I would dedicate it to my best friend Antonella, she’s always been near to me when I needed Love you my doll!

Crazy Friends

I spent a couple of days with my best friend Antonella and as always we enjoyed a lot, we laughed, we embraced and kissed, we shared a lot of things, and we opened our Xmas…

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