“I’m not of this world” – Prologue

First to post the proluge of this my book, or well, of this my story, I think it’s too soon to talk to book, I would explain its origin and from what I was inspired… I’ve always loved Spring Nicht‘s video of Tokio Hotel (or Don’t Jump in the English version), and my dad too… and together we thought about a story inspired to this video… I don’t wanna say you more about the story, I want you discover chapter after chapter… In the video there are four Bill, with a soul and a body and in the end the soul falls down and it can link with the body and to be finally free, it’s a little bit complicated to explain to words… but it’s an hymn to be strong and don’t fall down and there will always be someone ready to helps you and give own hand… so we thought to a story looking this video and probably it will become a comic too… for now I would share with all of you, every week with a new chapter (I hope, or when I have enough free time for dedicate me to Buzznet) and I hope you like it!


I’m not of this world. Or well, I wasn’t unitl a couple of months ago and I must thank one of you human beings for to be here. How do you call those like me? Aliens? Extraterrestrials, yeah… I always prefered feel me like a foreign than an alien. I arrived on Earth because the planet where I came was sick and I travelled around the universe for search a remedy and another place where live if I didn’t find it. Here I’ve seen a lot of poverty, injustices, lies, deathm envy people. Where I lived before, there wasn’t nothing of all this, the things broke up when on my planet Xero arrived the enemies and started to fight against us and Xero can’t survive with the wars, it is the planet of the peace. But now in this my new body I hope to can re-establish the order on Earth and avenge my people.

I was a really normal guy until a day when my life changed forever. I’ve always been the object of jokes from the other boys, only because I wasn’t like them, only because I felt me different and showed it. In this little German suburb if you are different, you are out. I recieved a lot of kicks and punches, my mother was every day more worried for my health and my brother’s health and sometimes we came back home really late or we didn’t come back for a day or two, so she couldn’t see our bruises. My brother & I changed a lot of schools that I lost the count and everytime was always the same old story. My brother always was with me and tried to defend and to help me, also for him wasn’t easy but now I can avenge him. I really owe everything to BiiV.